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Greyhound Bus Lines Doesn’t Allow Dogs – They should change their name

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

We think that Greyhound Bus Lines should change it’s name since it doesn’t allow dogs. Even little dogs aren’t allowed in carriers, not to mention leashed dogs.

Tips On How To Survive Summer Heat with your Dog

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

SEAACA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority; is helping pet owners and animal lovers with useful tips on how to survive the summer’s high temperatures. In the summer heat, many cats, dogs, and other pets can suffer from a wide variety of ailments, including dehydration, exhaustion, heat stroke, and more. With a few preventive measures and safety precautions, however, pet owners can protect their beloved animals and help them enjoy these fun months.

Here are some important tips:

1. Drink Up. Ensure your pets always have cool, clean water that is easily accessible. Drinking water is the best way for pets to avoid dehydration. Plus, remember that water warms up fast, so replace water dishes frequently to keep them cool and clean.

2. Keep It Cool. Make sure your air conditioning is on, or that your windows and doors are open. Cross-ventilate to keep air moving through your home. You can also cover windows by using shades, blinds, and curtains to block the hot sunlight during the day.

3. Not In the Car. Never, under any circumstances, leave your pet in a car. Within just a few minutes of being trapped in a hot car, your pet’s temperature can rise to dangerous and lethal levels. And remember, rolling down the windows or parking in the shade while your animal is in a car is not acceptable.

4. Take It Easy. Too much exercise, particularly in the middle of the day, can exhaust your pet during the hot summer months (especially for older pets, short-nosed dogs, and pets with thick coats). Try to take walks and exercise with your pet in the morning or evening, when the temperature is cooler. Also, avoid walking on hot concrete or asphalt and instead use soft grass areas if possible.

5. Don’t Get Buggy. Fleas and ticks can be extra problematic during the summer. Make sure to use flea and tick treatments recommended by your veterinarian, as over-the-counter products can be toxic to some animals.

6. Apply the Lotion. Some pets can get sunburned, especially if they have light-skinned and exposed flesh on their noses, ears, and other body parts. Talk to your veterinarian and apply appropriate sunscreen to your pet’s vulnerable areas.

7. Watch It. Pets can’t tell you they’re stressed by the heat, but you can notice multiple telltale signs. These include heavy panting, constant thirst, dizziness, lethargy, unusual clumsiness, fast heartbeats, glazed or unresponsive eyes, vomiting, excessive salivation, and deep red or purple tongue color. If your pet exhibits any of these characteristics or behaviors, contact your veterinarian or animal hospital immediately.

8. Take Action. If your pet is succumbing to the heat, here are actions you can take before seeking professional medical assistance: move your pet into a shaded or cooler area; place your pet in cool (not ice cold) water; apply cold towels or ice packs to your pet’s head, neck and chest; help your pet suck on ice cubes or drink water.

“The summer is a time to play and have fun, but it also unfortunately can be a dangerous period for our favorite pets,” noted SEAACA Executive Director, Dan Morrison. “We are here to spread the word and give pet owners tips on how to help animals survive the heat. A few precautions can save a pet’s life,” he added.

For more information about SEAACA, please visit

New Mexico: Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa Has A New Pet Program

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

The pet friendly Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa, located on the Pueblo of Santa Ana between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, knows the importance of convenience while travelling with pets. Welcoming companion animals through its doors, the resort caters to everyone, including our four-legged friends with premier accommodations, activities, and programs designed specifically for guests who travel with pets. The Hyatt Regency Tamaya and nearby Enchantment Pet Resort & Spa have announced a full-service travel program for companion animals so travelers can enjoy their stay without the hassles of leaving their four-legged friends behind.

“The Hyatt Regency Tamaya understands the importance of bringing pets along on vacations. As finding kennels or pet sitters can be very stressful, we offer a pet-friendly environment with a special program for guests travelling with their companion animals,” said Jena Marquez, public relations and marketing manager at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa. “The Enchantment Pet Resort program allows guests to treat their pets to their very own luxurious vacation experience, while they are free to enjoy all the wonderful activities the Hyatt Regency Tamaya has to offer without feeling like they are leaving their pets behind.”

The Enchantment Pet Resort & Spa is offering reduced rates on several packages for guests of the Hyatt Regency Tamaya including a Spaw Day, Pupcorn and a Movie, A Day in Pawadise, and more. Each of the packages include pick-up and drop-off of the pet at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya and activities for pets including walks in the Enchantment Commons park, play with other dogs, snack times, brushing sessions, and more. The pet spa offers full and half day programs that are available every day of the week.

In addition, the Hyatt Regency Tamaya also offers many amenities and activities for guests travelling with their pets including a welcome package with dog goodies including a toy and natural dog cookies. The resort also provides guests with a pet bed and bowl, ground level room with access to an outdoor area, a list of emergency numbers including local veterinarians, and a “Pet in Room” sign. Pets that travel to the resort with their owners can take part in many activities including hiking on the resort’s several trails that lead through the Bosque (cottonwood) forest or relax in the resort’s Living Room next to the fireplace.

The resort has also provided several tips on how to travel with pets while staying at a resort or hotel:
• Notify resort staff that your companion animal will be accompanying you throughout your stay before your arrival. This will allow resort staff to prepare your room and make sure that you receive all the pet-related amenities that are available
• Request a room that is on the ground level and that has easy access to outdoor areas of the property
• If leaving your pet in the room, always leave a “Pet in Room” sign on the door to notify housekeepers and resort staff
• Leave your cell phone number at the front desk so they may notify you of any emergencies or if they need to enter your room
• Always be considerate of other guests who do not travel with their pets. Keep your pet on a leash while walking throughout the resort property
• Always keep plastic bags handy to discard of pet waste
• Keep proper identification and immunization tags on your pet at all times
• Travel with a photo of your pet as well as their veterinarian and immunization records

For reservations or more information on the Hyatt Regency Tamaya, please call reservations at (800) 55-HYATT (800-554-9288) or visit