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With Hurricane Dorian, and any other natural disaster, plan properly for your pets

Friday, August 30th, 2019

What to do when Evacuating With Pets

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1. Know your natural disaster – If it’s a hurricane, study it’s path. If it’s an earthquake understand where it is worst and what roads are blocked and where power is out. If it’s fire or flooding, know where the fire or flood is. Regardless, decide the quickest and safest route out of the danger area. Decide your destination.

2. Study the evacuation routes if available.

3. Prepare and bring the following for your pet
* Pet’s food – enough for the time you expect to be away and extra if possible. It may be hard to get the same food and pets don’t always do well if you switch food suddenly.
* Water dish(s)
* Water in bottles or jugs. Enough for people and pets.
* Leashes
* Medications your pets may need.
* Vaccination record for your pets. May be needed by some accommodations and all daycares, kennels, airlines and trains.
* Cat litterbox
* Crate or carrier – these are needed if you take a pet on an airplane, on a train, or if you leave them in a room in many accommodations.
* Muzzle – if you have a larger dog – some crowded venues or ferries may require a muzzle. It is best if you carry one; hopefully you won’t need it often.

4. Make sure your car’s gas tank is full ahead of time. You may not be able to get gas.

5. If it is cold weather, bring plenty of blankets for the people and the pets. If it is very hot, bring lots of water and something to block the sun.

6. Find a pet-friendly hotel or shelter. Shelters may be difficult and crowded. If you can find a safe pet-friendly hotel that’s safely away from the trouble it would be better. To find a pet-friendly hotel go to and type in your city and state or  select your state.

7. also has highway guides for all major highways, such as I-5, I-10, I-40, I-75, I-80, I- 95 and most other highways. They are located here. They are super handy if you are using an interstate to escape a natural disaster.

8. If you have a small dog or cat that fits in a carrier you have the option of taking them on Amtrak. See here for more information. Larger dogs may not go on Amtrak.

9. If you have small dog or cat that fits in a carrier you have the option of flying with them as well. If you have a larger dog you may also fly with them but they will have to go in cargo. In a serious emergency, this is an option. Short nosed breeds generally cannot travel by air in cargo. Keep in mind that you may need a health certificate for your pet to fly and this requires a vet visit, so plan ahead. See for more information about flying with your pet.

10. Most ferries allow pets in one way or another. Either in your car, on leash or in crates.

11. Get all of your supplies early. They will quickly sell out. This is for your family and pets.

12. Carry cash and credit cards. You may not be able to get access to money for a while.

13. Make sure that your pet has identification if it gets lost. For starters, a collar with a tag with your pet’s name and phone number. If your pet has a microchip any shelter or vet can identify the pet and contact you. That is helpful. It is even possible to id your pet in other creative ways. Some people even write their phone number on the pet’s belly with an erasable marker for a short term emergency or tie it on a string tied loosely around the neck in case the collar gets lost or if the pet has no collar.

14. While traveling with your pet – has guides to most cities and towns with places that you can take your pet for recreation (parks, beaches, off-leash parks), emergency vets, dog-friendly restaurant patios and stores and more. Select your city or town on

In a true life threatening situation, rules not allowing pets will often be revised and your pet may be allowed in a usually non pet-friendly environment. You will have to ask, but don’t be afraid to.

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