Santa Has Rudolph’s Red Nose to Guide His Sleigh at Night, Your Pet Has PupLight

PupLight® Guides You and Your Dog on Safe Walks after Dark

In the winter months, many dog owners amusingly wish they had their own Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to safely navigate slick sidewalks, cross dangers intersections, and to be more visible to motor vehicles who often cannot see dogs and their dog walkers when it is dark and the weather turns foul.

With the highly-acclaimed PupLight® illumination device designed for canine safety and worn by dogs, this night-time safety issue is finally answered. PupLight®, the most highly-acclaimed product developed to ensure canine safety by “lighting the way” and making dogs and their owners more visible at night, PupLight addresses a serious threat for dogs that all too often suffer trauma injuries or death when hit motor vehicles, heart-breaking accidents that soar dramatically in the winter months.

In fact, PupLight® is brighter than the common flashlight. Powered by three AAA batteries, PupLight “lights the way” with three powerful LED lights than can be seen for blocks at dusk or in the dark of night. This handy and affordable safety device comes with a two-piece, adjustable band, which is easily worn by dogs of all sizes and breeds.

According to Jackie Simoni, inventor and president of Puplight, “As a life-time dog lover I developed PupLight to fill a void in pet industry. Based on customer feedback, we know that this product is providing peace-of-mind for dog lovers and keeping dogs safe.”

The Threat Is Real

While no organization compiles national data on the number of trauma injuries, or the incidents of death among America’s 74.8 million canine companions, there are studies that address the seriousness of the issue. In a frequency study of trauma injuries conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Animal Hospital, being hit by a car was found to be the leading cause of injuries. Of 970 cases, 616 (or 53.2 %), were attributed to dogs being hit by vehicles. Yet another study involving 129 cases conducted by the University of Georgia Small Animal Teaching Hospital, the incidence of dogs being hit by vehicles topped the list. A total of 69 dogs (or 53.5%), were attributed to trauma caused by being hit by a motor vehicle.

“Injury prevention includes careful management of a pet’s environment by removing possible threats and by eliminating situations that might put pets at risk,” Simoni says. “To prevent accidents or injuries caused by moving vehicles, pets should be kept on a leash at all times.”

Based on scientific data, and later from an outpouring of testimonials from customers who have purchased PupLight, Simoni knew her invention would address an un-met need in the burgeoning pet industry. While optimistic, she emphasizes that millions of dogs remain at risk and could be protected with PupLight if worn after dark. “PupLight makes a dog and the dog walker visible to traffic, and allows the dog walker to see ahead and spot potential hazards,” said. Simoni.

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