Queen Mary II has kennels for the trans-Atlantic crossing from NY to London and back

Considered to be the grandest ship ever built to date, this luxury ocean liner features indulgences from bow to stern. Travelers can enjoy all the modern amenities as well as it’s striking opulent decor, world class dining and entertainment, lounges, theaters, personalized services, and a Planetariu – the only one at sea. Travelers may embark from a dozen ports around the world; the US ports are Ft Lauderdale, Los Angeles, and New York. Dogs are allowed on board and preplanning is highly recommended as there are only a limited number of kennels. Depending on the destination, certain preparations must be made for the dogs that usually take up to about 6 months prior to the trip: example – blood work, shots, destination requirements, etc. One kennel will accommodate dogs 25 pounds and under; dogs over 25 pounds will need 2 kennels. A Kennel Master is always on duty to see to the walking, feeding, and cleaning of their canine guests. Each kennel costs $700 per trip. For more information on the requirements for a dog to enter England from the US see this link.

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