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You recommend places directly to fellow travelers with dogs. would like to hear from you – and so would your fellow dog owners who love to take their dogs with them. If you know of a pet-friendly restaurant (specify indoor or outdoor seating for people with dogs), Attractions such as pet-friendly boat tour, bus tour, walking tour, museum, park, beaches, shopping centers or stores or any other pet-friendly place please let us know by commenting this entry. Please remember to specify the country and city and as much information as you can to identify the location along with your description. For our Worldwide Travel Guides see our pet-friendly worldwide travel guides. Entries from visitors to dog-friendly places or owners or employees of places may submit recommendations.

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  1. Tolles says:

    We really want to relocate to a p[roperty that we own on the island of roatan in Honduras in Central America. However, we refuse to leave our three dogs back in the USA. Does anyone know about traveling to Honduras with pets? Information on the process, quarentine procedures, and rules or regulations would be greatly appreciated.

  2. admin0 says:

    An interesting article in the Bangalore Mirror on Traveling in India with a dog – See Article

  3. Ana Keith says:

    Casa Morazan Hotel located downtown San Jose, Costa Rica in the historic neighborhood accepts pets, deposit is $20.

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