Doggone Fun!’s 2011 Top 10 Dog-Friendly Cities to Visit In the U.S.’s Top 10 Dog-Friendly Cities in the United States for 2011 give you a wide variety of pet-friendly places to visit.

Portland Oregon tops’s 2011 list of the pet-friendliest vacation cities in the United States. Home to the famous and dog-friendly Rose Gardens and the Lucky Lab you and your dog would have a great time in Portland. These top cities are chosen for their pet-friendly accommodations, transportation, beaches, park, attractions, stores, dining and more. Here are the remainder of this year’s Top 10:

2. Chicago – Visit the Navy Pier, dine in elegance, cruise on a pet-friendly tour boat or walk the parks of the city.

3. San Diego – The country’s best dog beaches and trails and world class pet-friendly shopping centers.

4. Seattle – Take public transportation with your leashed dog. Many pet-friendly venues in a dog-friendly city.

5. Philadelphia – Get a famous cheese steak. See historic early American sites and stay in a downtown luxurious hotel.

6. Minneapolis – Great hiking trails and parks, pet-friendly dining. A pet-friendly atmosphere throughout.

7. Austin – Dog-Friendly parks. Outdoor cafes. Take tours and see the sites. See the Zilker Gardens and the Congress Street bats.

8. Alexandria/ Washington D.C. – See the capital’s sites, walk in charming Old Town, take a dog cruise on the Potomac.

9. New York – Luxury hotels welcome dogs, Central park beckons, off-leash parks everywhere. Shop the famous stores with your dog.

10. Indianapolis – Many historical sites, Nature preserves, trails and parks. Many of the cities tourist sites can be viewed with a dog.

Honorable Mentions: Charlotte, Dallas, Nashville, Orlando, Raleigh.

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Len and Tara Kain and dogs Yukon and Benji

Len and Tara Kain and dogs Yukon and Benji

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  2. Stephanie M. says:

    I agree. There should be an asterisk placed next to the places that only welcome dogs 20lbs. & under. Otherwise it can be misleading & frustrating for those that own larger breed dogs.

  3. Marylyn says:

    I hardly comment, but i did some searching and wound up here Doggone Fun!

  4. Kenzie loves st bernards says:

    This sucks, i wanna move to portland! Thats my dream! I live in probably the least dog-friendly town! You could have your eyes peeled and you could look everywhere! You’d hardly see any dogs where i live! WHY WHY WHY!!!!

  5. Mijas Golf says:

    Great list, hopefully this pushes more cities to improve their pet-friendliness. A happy pet owner will spend more money on vacation just to keep his dog happy. We live in Spain and would love to bring our dog on holiday but many places in Europe are not pet-friendly.

  6. Chicago is definitely NOT dog friendly. But most cities in Arizona are, if your dog can stand the heat.

  7. queenie says:

    Charlotte shouldn’t be on the list! Its only pet friendly here if your pooch is under 20 pounds!

  8. Gite Gard says:

    Thank you, we are from France and we are about to travel to U.S with our English Bouledogue, this is helpful 🙂

  9. Some of these cities get VERY hot or cold depending on the season … its probably a good idea to indicate warning times in the summary.

  10. liam says:

    then you’ll never find a dog friendly city every city in the U.S. has things like this going on Indigo…it’s about how the majority of the people feel in an area you’ve heard about 1 or 2 bad apples before i’m sure

  11. Indigo Wheeled Terrier Jones says:

    I do not get how Philadelphia makes the list considering it is home to The Philadelphia Eagles and Michael Vick. The fact that they are on the list ind of makes me and every other pit bull in the USA Gag a bit. I do not consider a city “Dog Friendly” When they harbor publicly outed, dog killing , dog fighting menace , and give him free reign to be held up as a public figure and example to children.

  12. […] In 2011, released a listing of the top 10 dog friendly cities in America. Topping the list was Portland, Oregon! “Home to the famous and dog-friendly Rose Gardens and the Lucky Lab (brewing company) you and your dog would have a great time in Portland.” says Dogfriendly .com. Don’t reside in Portland? Well maybe your city is on this list, which features cities in California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Texas and many more. You can see the full listing at Dog Friendly. […]

  13. Graham says:

    I am considering moving to Oshkosh Wisconsin. I understand that you cannot take a dog to any city parks, on leash or off. What do you know about community attitude toward dogs, dog ordinances, etc?

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