Greyhound Bus Lines Doesn’t Allow Dogs – They should change their name

We think that Greyhound Bus Lines should change it’s name since it doesn’t allow dogs. Even little dogs aren’t allowed in carriers, not to mention leashed dogs.

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3 Responses to “Greyhound Bus Lines Doesn’t Allow Dogs – They should change their name”

  1. Leah says:

    I think its ridiculous that I can’t bring my pet with me. I have a boyfriend several hours away who I can’t see because I’m looking after my 13 year old dog who only I can look after. All she does is sleep, and she’s small and hypoallergenic (because she’s hairless). A thing like her should be allowed on a greyhound bus at the very least.

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  3. cindy says:

    It’s really frustrating that dogs aren’t allowed on the buses. Last year we bought tickets to Maine, after our dog sitter agreed to care for our dog. We’ve since lost our dog sitter and now have tickets that we can’t use. I think they should re-think their policies or change their names.

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