About Home Depot, Lowes and Dogs

We receive a lot of requests at DogFriendly.com to list individual or all of the Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement stores as dog-friendly. While it is definitely true that you can often take your small dog or even larger leashed dogs into these stores, it is not the official chain policy. Individual managers may allow it at one store or another, but these policies are changed often. So we don’t list these stores for the most part. However, you can often take your dog there. Many other hardware stores allow dogs as well – Tractor Supply Hardware is dog-friendly in just about every store nationwide. For these and other dog-friendly stores in your city go to our guide here.

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72 Responses to “About Home Depot, Lowes and Dogs”

  1. Kaye says:

    I notice that no one has addressed the problem of people who are extremely allergic to pet hair. Or what about those who are afraid of dogs?
    Also, these stores say they are Pet friendly, so that includes all pets. How about I bring in a cat, birds or a pet snake….are your dogs going to be okay with it or freak out? Leave your pets at home! Sorry if it’s inconvenient for you to run errands when you have your dogs with you, but that’s your choice and you shouldn’t make other people have to tolerate your pets, so you can save on time or gas. I also agree that people should leave their kids at home, but animals are animals and people are people, and that comment about the “public” and animals are part of the public is just plain stupid talk. Really? In that case, let’s just ride our horses through the store!

  2. Ida says:

    Just the other day, I watched a poor man slip, slide and almost fall after he stepped into a fresh pile of dog feces left on the floor by some IDIOT and CARELESS dog owner who had brought his animal into Petsmart.

    I know it’s a pet store but animals really shouldn’t be allowed, unless they are being brought to te Banfield Vet at the back of the store.

  3. APS says:

    I have been a dog owner all my life. I love dogs, and have two myself. I treat them as one of the family. However, rules are rules. If a store has a “no pets allowed” sign on the front door it means just that. It doesnt mean that only ill behaved dogs are not allowed, it means ALL. I also work at Home Depot with a clearly visable at all entrances ” no pets allowed” sign. However, management does not say anything for fear of losing a sale. I find this to be disturbing that our country has become so affraid of standing up for themselves that they would break their own rules just to make money. Its simple people, leave your pets at home when you have errands to run and take them with you when you are not busy. Its a safety violation as well as consideration to other patrons to not see your pet relieve themselves on the floor ,or for a store associate to clean up. Follow the rules people.

  4. Benny says:

    I work at Home Depot in Edmond Ok, There are large and small dogs in the store everyday and I have never seen a customer turned away with a dog. I will add though that I have never encountered a poorly behaved dog in the store that would likely be a different story.

  5. […] at what stores are dog friendly,” he says. “We took to riding her around in carts at the Home Depot and PetSmart on a nightly basis. We also had friends over early to teach her that other people were […]

  6. Nicole says:

    I work for Home Depot. My store allows dogs, which I think is great because too often I have had to go hunt down the owner of dogs left in hot cars outside in the parking lot. While I am not all for taking your dogs everywhere- for the dogs safety- I have to agree with those making comments about children. The dogs that come into the store I work at are a hundred times better behaved than the unattended children running everywhere and playing on everything. Just because you don’t like dogs doesn’t mean they should be banned from places. Children are so much worse, so much more contagious, so much more “dirty”.. I say leave your children at home. And what about those who don’t shower? Oh wait, and what about those who don’t speak English? And those who are too tall? And what about those who are too short? Seriously people. It’s called “the public” and animals are part of “the public”. Get over it.

  7. Amanda says:

    I have worked at Home Depot for over two years. We welcome well behaved dogs, and even have biscuits for them. We never approach dogs unless the owners give the okay. Being so close to petco I would rather see them come into our store instead of being left in a hot car… Sure there have been accidents on the floor… But it’s a warehouse…. And it can be cleaned with no huge deal. And they are dogs! It happens. Sadly, even with some pee on the floor those visiting dogs act better than some kids that have passed through.

  8. D says:

    Home depot and lows are no place for pets. All of the stores nation wide have a policy where only recognised service dogs with appropriate tags or vests along with a card carying handler. There are signs posted on the doors warning this. Pet owners feel if it fine for them it has to be fine for me. The problem is the pet owners.

  9. Just Me says:

    I undersand taking in a little well behaved dog that stays seated in the cart. But today alone, there were two bad instances.

    Lowes: I was snotted up by a large great dane (the owner kept saying “It’s OK” when I asked for him to remove the thing from me, so it ended up with me cursing and him cursing right back and the employees having a talk with the guy (who exaggerated in reverse that it wasn’t as big a deal as I made it out). The moron decided to walk his loaded up cart and two danes on leashes down the very narrow garden aisle with trees with me in it. Idiot.

    Then at Home Depot an hour later, a guy in a scooter had his little wire hound walking freely. He spoke to an employee who scratched the dog and said nothing to him. It’s a working warehouse, for crying out loud.

    You morons, leave your large dogs, loose dogs, and for that matter, you wild children at home. Do not bring them to a working warehouse as a family day. Its’ not Disneyland.

    I love dogs. I have dogs. I leave them at home. If I’m out with the dogs and need something at Lowes or HD, I do without until I can come back later.


  10. Michelle says:

    I say leave your kids at home then. If you can’t handle my behaved dogs, I know I can’t and won’t tolerate your ill-behaved children. I take my dogs everywhere I can and if you don’t like it then walk away. I don’t force them upon you as you should not force your offspring on me. Let’s keep it civilized and leave it at that.

  11. linda says:

    I have been asked to leave Lowes but we are welcomed at the nearby Home Depot. Guess where I shop. I love to take my dogs places. They enjoy it and so do I. Personally I’d rather see dogs in a store than children. What disease will I catch from a dog? The answer is none but look at the options for getting sick from the slime that children leave all around, not to mention the children who seem likely to destroy everything they touch.

  12. amanda says:

    Boy I don’t understand what the big deal is. I guess Ed lives a boring routine dull life. I love taking my dog places. All three go camping, fishing, dog parkin’ and YES EVEN ON OCCASION 1 of them MIGHT go into HomeDepot. I’m not insecure, what a dumb generalization, perception, and option. They are companions, not house trophies. Love a little, its easier than judging. Also, just because you get attacked by one dog doesn’t mean all dogs will attack. Some white guy hit me once, doesn’t mean I’m scared of white guys. PEACE OUT

  13. Loucee says:

    I don’t understand why people who don’t like dogs would even went to this website and even leave a comment?? This website address is dogfriendly.com, if you don’t like pet then get out from this site, it’s for people with pets that need informations. We do respect for others like you who don’t like dogs so that’s why we even bother to find information about which place or store that is pet friendly, got it??!!! And Ed needs to keeps his ‘personal opinion’ to himself, we don’t ask your opinion, the subject is which HD or LW that is pet friendly, can you read or not? You gave your information then that’s it, leave your opinion to yourself, nobody is asking!!

  14. Susan says:

    I live in a rural area and necessity has me taking my small, 10 pound, well behaved dog with me when I shop. Today I was informed by Lowes that the “corporate policy” allows all dogs on leashes to come into the store, but small dogs aren’t allowed in the carts. I have always taken my dog with me, on a blanket and not touching the cart. I was told that “some dogs” have jumped out of the cart and created a disturbance. Well, then deal with those owners and ask them to leave. What about all the parents who bring their badly behaved kids into the store and they run around screaming and disturbing me? I spoke with the store manager and she said it was corporate policy to keep dogs out of the carts. It sounds like she doesn’t know the policy either. Lowes needs to educate their employees and deal with individual problems and not punish everyone.

  15. Linda says:

    I have a therapy dog with separation anxiety. I have often wanted to stop to pick up an item or two from Lowe’s on my way home a therapy visit. I can’t leave the dog in the car (and wouldn’t want to under any circumstance). I have never done it because I have never seen a dog in our local Lowes store. With the price of gas being so high, I would like to combine trips. I am going to make the stop today and see what happens.

  16. cathy says:

    After going to Lowes in Rome NY for nearly 5months all while my dog was a puupy I was approached and asked to leave. The girl was rude and didn’t understand what I was reacting. I want home called all the surround Lowes within40 mi. All allowed pets……hum….weird if Lowes is pet friendly all Lowes not selected ones should follow this policy. This store is in my hometown. And spend slot of money here family as I have my own business. If my dog is not welcome. At the store where I live I will take my business elsewhere..

  17. Lottie says:

    I am not against dogs or any other animal as a “house” pet, but when an owner takes 2 dogs, unleashed into a retail clothing store or any retail store for that matter and allows the dogs out of their “stroller” I do take offense. Sorry to the sensible pet owners who leave their pets at home or leash them but these other self centered pet owners just ruin it for all.

  18. Angel says:

    I am not against dogs. I feel that there are places that they really shouldn’t be brought in. If some stores allow them and some don’t I will just take my business to ones that don’t. My little boy was attacked by a neighbors dog that had gotten loose and he is now terrified of all dogs. I am making it a point now to research which stores I can go to where there’s a better chance of no dogs. Until he is able to get over his fear and realize there are many good dogs out there I will steer clear of places that allow them in. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think lowes is an inappropriate place to bring in a dog but it’s not the end of the world if one is brought in. Especially if you live in a warmer climate and need to run in and grab something. I would much rather the dog be brought in than left in a hot car.

  19. LM says:

    I have brought my dog to home depot in NPR, Fl and he is welcomed there. Additionally Sams Beach Bar in Hudson, Fl allows dogs and yes, it is a place to eat. Hooray for all companies that are dog friendly. If a responsible pet owner has a well behaved dog, why not?… I would have no problem having a manager ask me to leave if my animal was unruly or my child or any other person I was with. Most people I believe are animal lovers so why not add smiles to peoples faces and bring your dog and open up a conversation. Again, bravo to the companies that allow their patrons and a well behaved dog to walk their stores. Personally I would not go into a store with or without my dog that was not animal friendly I dont like giving my money to grumpy people.

  20. russel says:

    First off if you dont like dogs or think they should have the same rights as humans why the hell are you even on this site? My dog loves being around people more than other dogs and hes obviously more social than ed or anyone who agrees with him!! And im sure most people that come to this site agree with that!! Dont like fogs? Dont own em or look at em!!

  21. Steve says:

    Wow. I cannot believe all of the hatred from the dog owners here. I’ve seen craziness, but this takes the cake. ED has an opinion, but many people who want tolerance for their pet cannot show tolerance for his opinion. I love my dogs. I don’t chain them outside. But, I don’t think you should bring them to the store.

  22. Ken says:


    LOWE’S GOOD – A dog friendly Lowe’s in Houston (249 and Cypresswood). I left my dog in the car, windows open and water bowl filled, but still only wanted to be in the store 5 minutes, due tot eh dog in the car. I was there less than 5 minutes when they paged the owner of car license xxxx (mine). I went to the front and they asked me to bring the dog into the store, just keep him in the cart. They went out of their way to promote this policy.

    HOME DEPOT BAD – After numerous visits with my dog I was approached at the door by a manger telling me dogs were not allowed. I tried to explain I had been in this store several times but was interrupted and the policy repeated. I asked if he knew that Lowe’s – interrupted again. I agreed to take the dog out of the store and began to ask the manager – interrupted again – needless to say, poor policy – and even worse customer communication training.

    After taking the dog numerous

  23. Gman1972 says:

    I think we should just outlaw everyone that may be a safety risk, obnoxious children and ignorant adults.
    If a dog is not well behaved then they shouldn’t out. If they are then they should be its that simple.

  24. DP says:

    We now have our 2nd German Shepherd and have raised them both in a little German tourist town in Michigan called Frankenmuth. Many of the stores in Frankenmuth are pet friendly and the town in general is very accomodating to visitors with pets. This also includes most of the resort like hotels! I believe that simply walking my dogs through town which can be very busy with tourist at times as well as in and out of stores have made them very patient and definitely helped with obedience training. Living in this enviroment allowed them to be in this situation multiple times of week. Nearly every day I heard comments like “Wow your dog is well behaved” or “my dog would be barking at everything in this busy town”! Again, simply training your dog to be well rounded is a great thing if you want a relaxed dog! I am thankful for all of the business owners and managers that invite well behaved leashed pets into their stores and will continue to take my business to them!


  25. Lisa says:

    wow…Tommy, “Its wrong and inconsiderate and I don’t want to rest my stuff that I am buying on the same cart where your dog’s ass has been” …really?! So, what if the dog is large and doesn’t go in the cart? Therefore his ‘ass’ isn’t touching anything your stuff might touch. I will assume that is ok then?

    I understand that some people are not animal fans. Fine, don’t have one. Don’t pet them, don’t acknowledge them. For those that do like to take their pets out, if the store allows, no one is saying you have to like it. I don’t like walking downtown because everyone stands outside smoking. I hate walking through the smoke. That is inconsiderate of them! What about people who allow their kids to run around the store screaming and touching everything. Should we not allow kids in stores either? If the dog is leashed, the store allows their presence, and the dog is not bothering anyone….it shouldn’t matter. You can’t fix stupid.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I really think that well-behaved, leashed animals should be allowed everywhere that children are allowed. Dogs are much cleaner. I’ve seen children wander around stores licking everything in sight or running around knocking over displays and/or other people. Far more destructive than most dogs. It really should be a case-by-case basis.

  27. diane Vitalio says:

    Tommy, not sure that was exactly where Jimmy was going but I kind of agree. Animals are dirty and most people let their animals outside which bring additional hazards. Plus not everyone likes or is not scared of pets so its not fair to bring them to places where people should have to worry about that. And some of you are thinking…”my dog” is so sweet and would never hurt anyone. Think you know the boundaries of your pet…you are delusional. They sometimes need to protect themselves. Not their fault…”yours”.

    Neighbor just lost a lawsuit because their “sweet” dog bit a small child in the face.

    Unless clearly pet friendly establishments, keep the pets home. its plain rude.

  28. tommy says:

    Jimmie and Ed are right on. When you take on the responsibility of a PET, you have to sacrifice or make arrangements for the rest of your life…including how you will get to your Lowes or Home Depot without it. Store policy is clear its just some local stores with pet fanatics that allow it. Its wrong and inconsiderate and I don’t want to rest my stuff that I am buying on the same cart where your dog’s ass has been.

    People that push it too far are ruining it for those few exceptions for people that need service ADA animals to live. I gladly give up some of my rights to help fellow HUMANS but not you crazies!

  29. Jimmie says:

    Hold on guys, now look at where Ed is coming from. I’m all about bringing my dog everywhere. But he is property, he is a pet, and most importantly he is a dog. It’s a living animal and needs to be treated right, but when you get crazies like Frankie posting and then gets support for that insane post that seems lune the person Ed is talking about. As soon add people stop personifying their animals I’m sure Ed will relax that tone. If not, then he’s got bigger issues. But stop supporting people like Frankie, it’s a dog, nothing more. It wants to be a dog also, not a human. They don’t want to wear our clothes, they don’t need specially baked treats or birthday parties.

  30. Nope says:

    Ed, you’re a dick. A big reason why people are taking their dogs out with them is because they’re trying to socialize a puppy. Between 13-16 weeks, a puppy hasn’t got its full round of vaccinations yet, so they are not allowed around areas with a lot of dog or wild animal feces. This means no dog parks, no beaches, no neighborhood walks with other dogs — especially free-roaming dogs, and practically any other place where dogs are allowed. Even so, at 13-16 weeks puppies need to meet other people and experience new things before they enter the “fear stage” of their development. There are obedience schools but that is a one-day-a-week class and not enough interaction for a puppy. So where do you take your dog? Home Depot and Lowes are places that many trainers recommend.

  31. Darby says:

    I think anytime socializing is great…I bring my dog to different plant nurseries all the time & also to HD & Lowes Garden center if the gate is open. But I was made aware from an employee at HD that there is a BUNCH of toxic crud all over the floor of those places. But then also just dodging people who swing around 2×4’s with my dog in the cart was just more of a pain. I’d rather leave him in the car, with the AC running & all doors locked – if I will be less than 10 minutes.

    I was in a bind once & had to duck into Barnes & Noble because it was 105 degrees or something…we got away with it for 30 min’s & then got the boot.

    I will take him anywhere on errands just so I can see him smiling from meeting new people & dogs…

    btw – It sure is a different world when I (we) lived in Berlin for a year. All transport, malls, shops, bars (only did that once*), just not inside a restaurant – which I agree with. But I have to include that the dogs & owners there are very responsible & well behaved about all of it.

  32. Brooke says:

    Ed, Another reason people may want to bring their dogs into places like lowes and home depot is because it would be a great place to further socialize them. Think of all of the new smells, sounds, and people that they could be exposed to in a positive way. Bringing my dog to lowes was actually recommended by the instructor at my dog’s obedience school. If people would spend a little extra time socializing their animals, the annual number of dog bites and attacks would drop because most dog attacks are the result of a fearful animal.

  33. Lauren says:

    Well said Rudy. Responsible dog owners checking to see where there dogs are welcome is a good thing. Both of the major home improvement stores, and just about the every other store, is on my way home from the dog park. I like to take my dog to the park first thing on the weekends before errands because the day gets way too hot. Frankly, it be incredibly nicer if the city would organize around my life so I didn’t have to juggle my dog and shopping. But since reality is what it is, sometimes I’d just like to know I can bring him with me so I don’t have to drive in circles wasting gas and time. Also, it makes no sense to spend time responding to comments that are clearly meant to get a rise out of you. People this is a website all about where you can take your dog.

  34. Charles says:

    I live 220 miles from a Lowes. It’s an all day event to go shopping, and I take my dog with me. If I had to leave my dog home, who knows where he’d be in the 24 hours it takes for that run. Can’t leave him in the house, can’t board him, no such thing here. So he goes.

    Dog friendly businesss get my business.

  35. Rudy says:

    Now now people. The whole reason for a site to find out where is,and where isn’t dog friendly is because of people like Ed. Everyone doesn’t agree or like the idea of dogs co-mingling with people in public areas. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. As far as it being illegal to bring your dog anywhere in Florida I also found to be false. Most jurisdiction/laws that I’ve found is that the responsability of a dog in Florida, like in most states, is the owners.

    I’ve also found that most large stores, with the exception of those that serve food(grociery store,restaurant, etc.), allow animals as long as they are either leashed or carried.

    Be mindful though as it is our,(dog lovers) responsibilty to always bring things like paper towels and bags, maybe even small bottles of 409, into stores if we plan on always having our dogs at our side. Accidents can happen to all dogs. If we plan on keeping the privelege of being able to bring our animal, we should be sure to not make it the establishments problem if an accident does occur. I personally work with and own a police k-9 who is highly trained and has the occasional accident.

    Thanks for all the other comments but the best way to make this a great place for information is not to turn this helpful message board into a place to bash people with contradictory ideas.

  36. jacki says:

    Ed is an idiot One of those fools whom thinks he knows it all If you dont want to leave a dog or puppy home alone all day, well that makes you a good pet owner, and to not want to leave them in a car to sweat or freak out is also a very understandable thing. ED shut up Grow up and Keep your ignorance to your self. Probably good advice for you in your offline life as well.. You probably are rude and uncaring there as well

  37. Big Ed says:

    I agree with the majority of the others. I think the other Ed is an idiot. I think it’s great if they allow dogs there.

  38. Megan says:

    Lori, that’s great you work at Lowes and at your particular store they don’t allow pets however, there are many (thousands) other Lowes and home depots that do allow dogs (not just service animals). I’ve been to 5 different Lowes/Home Depots just in the Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater area that do allow my lab with open arms. Ed, you’re very ignorant and I really hope you don’t have a pet. People take their dogs with them for several reasons and most often it’s not an insecurity reason. Usually there’s a Petsmart or Petco in these shopping areas and it makes things convenient. Also, I personally like to socialize my dog as often as possible for obedience reasons.

  39. Lori says:

    I work for Lowe’s. Only service animals are permitted, as required by law.

  40. john says:

    I like to take my dog to as many places as I can. He is very well behaved and children always asked to pet him. Teenagers are always intrigued by him and asked questions. Most adults smile and say “nice dog”. He greets other dogs with “sniffs and wags” and is non aggressive. My interest in taking him places is that I want him to practice him behaving and relaxing in public settings and being social and friendly to all people and dogs. I also enjoy his company because he is a loyal companion as well as a pet. I adopted him from the shelter and and he has improved my life dramatically with friendship and exercise to walk him. I like to take him places because he loves to go out into the world also. I am responsible and would only take him to places like building supply stores, garden/nursery/plant farms, or pet friendly pet stores. When he is with me, he is always under my control and on short leash, calm and usually lays down if I stop to look at something. I think that grocery stores, clothing stores, shopping malls etc are not appropriate places for dogs for health and cleanliness reasons. Some people I work with bring their dogs to work one a month or so. As long as the dog is clean, well behaved and the owner is responsible (with regard to the dogs biological needs and manners) I really don’t see the issue with taking dogs along to various places. My dog is a mature black and white 80 lb Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky Mix.

  41. Buuce Conner says:

    I love dogs but leave the pets at home. Your not very considerate of other customers or employees at these stores. Signs are clearly posted at the doors of HD ad Lowes – NO PETS

  42. Don! says:

    Oh, Ed. You think you know a lot but you seem to have very limited information not to mention imagination. Did you ever consider that the vet and the home improvement store are very close to each other, and maybe people don’t want to unnecessarily waste time and gas? My vet happens to be in the same shopping center with a Home Depot.

  43. Maddy says:

    My shepherd loves going to Lowes. She is very well mannered, if I stop, she sits, if I pick up a product to look it she lies down and stays until she is told to get up. Because she is so well mannered all the employees, love her. In the check out line, I always get complements from other shoppers. Ed calls us insecure, I think you are the one with a problem, and your personal opinion means nothing to the rest of us that love our dogs. His dogs are probably out on a chain and not trained or given attention. When was the last time you heard of a women being attacked in a parking lot or had her purse snatched with her dog? I can’t recall ever seeing that on the news.

  44. Mort says:

    Agree with Nicole and Frankie. Oftentimes we are out taking our dogs on hikes or other adventures – for the dogs physical and mental wellbeing – and it is a convenience for us humans to be able to run a few errands while we are out, instead of having to make a separate trip in the car. It is great for the dog to practice good behavior in such a setting too. Socializing your dog to as many environments as possible helps them be well behaved. And tiring them out (the mental work to be well behaved and different settings – not the same old walk around the neighborhood) means they are better behaved while waiting at home.

    But more often than not, it’s because we are already out doing something with the dogs, and want to run errands. Nothing insecure about that! But even if not that, wanting to take a companion along and give them something to do after sitting all day at home while you work? If that’s crazy, commit me now!

  45. Frankie says:

    I am a puppy and think that Ed should have his head examined. Many times I am out and about running errands with my dad and he can’t leave me in the car, so if I can’t go in we don’t shop there. I love it when I go into pet friendly places and lighten the day of all the animal people I see.

  46. Nicole says:

    In response to Ed above: bringing your pet dog into a store has nothing to do with being insecure. Some people have limited options, particularly those of us who live in the city, where many places allow dogs. Given that city dwellers tend to walk everywhere it makes more sense to bring your dog along on errands to get them out of the house as much as possible and give them social time. Also, if I drive someplace I’m not going to leave the dog in a hot car.

  47. admin0 says:

    We are not aware of it being illegal in any state, Florida included, to bring a dog in a Home Depot or Lowes. There may be a company policy prohibiting it, but unless it is a grocery store or a few other specific categories (hair salons or doctor’s offices in some states), dogs are not prohibited by law in retail stores. That is up to the owner, who may, but may not allow it.

  48. Ed says:

    FYI, in a lot of states, as is the case here in Florida, it is ILLEGAL for dogs to be taken into a Home Depot or Lowe’s. It is considered a safety issue. Except service dogs. My personal opinion on the matter is that if you are so insecure that you have to take your dog to the home improvment store with you, then maybe there is some counseling needed. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. The last place in the world I would want to take them is on a shopping trip to Lowes.

  49. Marlehn Denman says:

    Do you know of any ocean or cruise line that allows dogs?

  50. Margaret Douglas says:

    For those who cannot run an errand without taking the dog along, it would be better to take your dog into the home improvement store than to leave the dog in the 150-degree interior of your car.

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