St George Utah: An Animal Lovers’ Getaway at Red Mountain Resort

World Class Retreat Unveils a Series of Programs for Four-Legged Friends

Passionate pet owners and enthusiasts alike can look no further than Red Mountain Resort for a pet-friendly respite set against Utah’s beautiful red-rock country. As one of the world’s leading active destinations, Red Mountain offers guests the opportunity to expand their wellness experience alongside their furry-friends through its exceptional volunteer and pet-oriented programs.

The resort features special deluxe accommodations for guests traveling with pets, as well as a 55-acre scenic backyard and nearby Snow Canyon Park that offers bountiful space for four-legged friends to play in. In addition, pets are pampered with organic treats, food, and water dishes upon arrival, while their owners delight in the resort’s sumptuous and fulfilling food options, including char-grilled wild salmon, beef sirloin, and deconstructed blueberry cheesecake.

“Red Mountain is proud to offer multi-dimensional programs targeted toward human and animal understanding,” says General Manager, Tracey Welsh. “The benefits of volunteering with animals are tenfold, and we guarantee that our programs will not only enable guests to develop a better understanding of animals but also gain a greater appreciation for themselves and an overall improved mindset.”

Guests can take advantage of the resort’s extensive animal-themed programs, which include:

Hiking with Blondie ($59 per person) – During this rewarding four-hour hike, participants experience Utah’s stunning red-rock country through the eyes of Blondie, golden retriever and AKC-certified “Canine Good Citizen,” and her human companion, Robin, a nationally certified animal control specialist.

· Horseback Riding ($99 per person) – Geared toward beginner and novice riders, participants take in the resort’s surroundings from a higher point of view as they explore nearby Snow Canyon State Park, the spectacular 7,000-acre park located just minutes from the resort.

· Inaugural Hike for Hounds ($35 per person) – In this exciting adventure launching November 12, guests can bring their dogs on a relaxing and fun-filled hike along the rolling hills of Southwest Utah. The hike concludes at the resort with a delicious picnic lunch, entertainment, and treats for the dogs. All proceeds go to support Ivins’ No Kill Animal Shelter.

M.E.E.T. The Mustangs ($89 per person) – In this transformational experience, “where heart meets horse,” guests communicate, spirit to spirit, with American Wild Horses and come to understand horses’ perspective toward humans. Participants learn to offer “the pony handshake,” feel the power of the running heard, guide horses and have them “hook on” to you, and observe herd communication in this powerful one-on-one experience. Proceeds support care and adoption efforts.

· Pound Puppy Hike (complimentary for guests) – Red Mountain raises a paw for this gratifying volunteer experience, which encourages guests to share their exploration of Southern Utah alongside man’s best friend. In partnership with Ivins’ City No-Kill Animal Shelter, guests are assigned a friendly puppy or dog for a three to four mile hike through St. George Valley and Padre Canyon. Participants are supplied with doggie treats and adoption is available and encouraged.

Animal lovers can start planning their pet-themed vacation today, as the resort is a short jaunt from Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. The newly opened St. George Airport also offers intrastate jet service between St. George and Salt Lake International Airport as well as daily flights via United Express Los Angeles. For more information on Red Mountain’s pet-friendly programs and policies, visit

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