New York during Hurricane Irene: Some smart evacuation decisions may save lives

In New Orleans during Katrina, a large group of people who refused to evacuate did so because they refused to leave their pets behind. Many of these people later died, along with many of the pets. New Orleans did not allow pets in the shelters, on the evacuation buses or anywhere else. Fortunately, it seems that New York has learned this lesson from Katrina well. According to news reports, leashed dogs and cats in carriers were allowed on the Subways and MTA commuter trains to allow them to be evacuated too for the 24 hours before the system was shut down on Saturday. In addition, there are reports that seniors and others may bring their dogs to at least some of the shelters. While we have not confirmed that these points are true, if they are this represents a major improvement over Katrina. Now you need not choose between evacuating and leaving your pets. An excellent call if confirmed.

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