Canine Camp Getaway in NY

This is from the owner of the business:

Hi there! I often use your site (and blog) to research dog travel, and in 2010 you were kind enough to do a write up about my Lake George, NY dog vacation business, Canine Club Getaway. I relaunched it under a new name Canine Camp Getaway of NY ( Currently, we are underway with our preparations for our June 24-28 Getaway.

It’s a truly unique dog vacation event — everything from the swimming pool to the bar/lounge to the dining room is dog friendly — and we have a wealth of dog activities planned, including agility, lure coursing, Frisbee, flyball, canine freestyle dance, scent detection, doggie skateboarding, Canine CPR, hiking, swimming and much more! We also have seminars by top veterinarians (both holistic and traditional), trainers and dog nutrition pros, as well as some charitable events (a silent auction to support animal charities, a 50/50 raffle to support a group that provides low- or no-cost boarding to military service people so they don’t have to give up their dogs while serving overseas), Therapy Dog preparation and testing, etc.).

Of course our vacation isn’t JUST for the dogs, so we also offer some “human-friendly” activities, including zumba classes, horseback riding, karaoke, country line dancing, gourmet dining and even an on-site spa. All rooms offer private baths, cable TV and a/c (no “ruffing it” for our human guests!), and free wi-fi is offered on the premises.

You can find out more about our event at our Web site at

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