Top 200 Places: Mt Bachelor Cross Country Skiing

Mount Bachelor Ski Resort
13000 SW Century Drive
Oregon 97709

As one of North Americas’ largest ski resorts, skiers, snowboarders, and Nordic skiers will find great conditions with plenty of snow, a large terrain, short lift lines, great value, 4 different terrain parks, and an Olympic size superpipe. Mt. Bachelor is nearly 3700 acres of varied terrain atop the high desert of the Central Cascades in the Deschutes National Forest. They also offer tubing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, and they host the North American Pond Skimming Championships each year. They are open from mid-November to Memorial Day for the ski season, and from July 1st through Labor Day for summer sightseeing. Dogs of all sizes are allowed throughout the year. In the summer, your pet can even ride the chair lift, and is allowed throughout the park. In the winter, there are some ski trails and trails that dogs can be on. Dogs must be leashed at all times, and cleaned up after. Dogs must be friendly and well behaved.

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