From a Reader: A Dog-Friendly Kennebunkport Vacation

This was received from a reader describing their pet-friendly Kennebunkport Maine vacation:

We are now on our last day in Kennebunkport, having spent a glorious week here with our 7 pound, 6 month old MaltiPoo puppy, Rudy. We had no problem finding lots of wonderful options for dining with the little one sitting quietly under the table.

We went to have lunch and margaritas by the pool at the Colony Hotel. Even big dogs were welcome there! We had lunch at Bartley’s including the famous Presidential blueberry pie they made for the Bushes on AirForce one. We also loved dining out at the Landing, which at lunchtime has two or three tables on the end that they allow puppies at. That was probably the most elegant place we were able to go. The most casual was Cape Porpoise Chowder House where we enjoyed a late lunch and a decent Cabernet and some lovely scenic atmosphere on the deck. For breakfast, but it is only open in the summer, we had a beautiful meal of eggs and french toast outside on the Patio at Costello’s which is beside the best ice cream shop you could ever dream of, Goose Rocks Dairy.

Don’t miss shopping for you pup at Scallawags. It is a lovely, friendly shop with lots of beautiful things your pooch will love. If you are ready for a drive, take a drive out to Portland, MA where FETCH, another great pet store, put water bowls out all over the waterfront shopping area, and lots of sidewalk dining is dog friendly, particularly the Portland Lobster Co. Rudy had such a good time running on the beach before 8am and after 6PM, that we wonder how he will ever adjust to Manhattan again.

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  1. Kate Hammett says:

    Thanks for the restaurant advice! We are taking our own Maltipoo, Lily with us this year to the Colony (you’re right, Ed, a GREAT place, very dog-friendly). It is our first time taking our dog with us on vacation. Very excited. Thanks again for your two-cents-worth!

  2. ED MUNCIE says:

    The best place to stay is The Colony Hotel. They are extremely dog friendly, rooms are great , buffet breakfast is wonderful, dinner could not be better,etc. I guess we like this place!

    The beach ,I think in Kennebunk across the bridge and to the left , is dog friendly ,as is the beach in front of The Colony Hotel.

  3. Donna says:

    Sounds delightful. Where did you stay?

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