Indoor Dog Park Opens in Dallas Texas

Unleashed Indoor Dog Parks™ has rocketed to the top of Dallas dog lovers’ lists as the nation’s first and only indoor, off-leash play park for dogs. The $10 million, 50,000 square-foot facility debuted this spring with 25,000 square-feet of indoor parks, grooming salon, full supply center, daycare, playcare, cage-free boarding, and a café for owners.

Launched through the efforts of dog lovers Kelly and Cody Acree of Dallas, Unleashed takes pet retailing to a new level, catering to dogs and owners alike with its year-round appeal.

“Unleashed Indoor Dog Parks answers every need we could think of for dogs and their owners – a clean, safe, monitored, comfortable environment where dogs can play off-leash while owners can lounge. The 25,000 square-feet of indoor air-conditioned parks present a comfortable, sanitary and green environment for large and small dogs to exercise off-leash and socialize while owners can do the same, or just relax, work remotely with wifi and read the paper with a snack, meal or dessert from our café,” said Kelly Acree, co-founder of Unleashed.

Over-engineered to ensure a fresh environment, Unleashed features the largest indoor installation of K9Grass in the world on the indoor parks. The turf is the only artificial grass designed specifically for dogs with antimicrobial properties and a unique knitted construction to allow draining, keeping the grass clean and free of bacteria or odors.

“One of the first questions we get from first-timers at Unleashed is what the dogs do if they need to ‘go’,” added Kelly. “The answer is, they ‘go’. We’ve designed Unleashed to allow dogs to act as naturally as they would if you had a 25,000 square-foot backyard with play and agility equipment and other dogs available anytime for a play date. Because of the K9Grass, our sprinkler, cleaning and patent-pending drainage and flushing systems, as well as a state-of-the art exhaust system, it always smells fresh and looks green inside no matter what the dogs do.”

Additionally, the Acrees have put in place a variety of safety measures to ensure a secure environment for dogs and owners. Before gaining entrance into the park, owners must provide proof of rabies, DHLP, Parvo and Bordetella vaccinations for their dogs. Additionally, dogs without previous exposure to other dogs will be temperament-tested by one of the park’s trained dog handlers, who are present in the park at all times. At least one pet CPR and First Aid certified staffer is in the park at all times. Inside, owners with small or timid dogs can enjoy the Powderpuff Park, while rough-housing medium and large dogs can take advantage of the Bodyslammers Park. Finally, for insurance reasons, pit bulls and pit bull mixes are not allowed in the off-leash portions of the park.

“Our entire staff consists of people who are dog lovers and have the ability to read and respond to dog behavior. This means they can manage the dogs at play as more dogs come into the park, and avert or handle any scuffles,” Kelly continued. “We run Unleashed like an exclusive gym, so that when your dog comes through the gate with her personalized RFID membership tag, she’s going to have access to the best equipment, staff and experience available.”

Entry for a dog into the off-leash parks with full in and out privileges is $7.50, with discount packages available for multiple dog families or frequent visits. For more information, visit, or follow Unleashed Indoor Dog Parks on Twitter at and

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  1. stephen hart says:

    i have been a pet owner since i was a child of 7 years old. i live in downtown dallas & have a 12lb chiuaua/minn pinn that i adopted from the spca along with his buddy that is a fun loving cat. i’ve never been to this kind of park before & sounds like a great place for him to run & play. he plays well with others & full of life. where are you located exactly along with times etc. looking forwards to joining you

    stephen w. hart

  2. Nyisha says:

    I would love to open a facility similar to yours. I am looking for any helpful advice from you. I live in Albany NY and the winters are brutal and summer’s can be just as bad. Help in Albany, NY

  3. Rosie Paz says:

    I love the idea of the indoor park and I have a great vision for an atrium indoor unleashed park. In conjunction with the park, I wanted to have a separate area for you and your bf to train in different areas such as ball fetch, agility course, swimming pool for fetching, diving and swimming, and walking training coarse on leash and off leash, etc. Would love a chance to talk to you about some helpful advice in the searching for investors, etc. Thanks, Rosie

  4. Tall Dog Gate…

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