Moving? Need to Move Your Car and Your Pet?

Say you’re moving from NYC to Florida? Or from Chicago to Texas. You have a car to move but don’t want to drive yourself. You also have a pet or pets to move. Car To Florida ( or Cross Country Driver ( will drive your car and your pet for you from one place to another. They will not only take pets, you need to also be moving your car as well. Sample fares are around $800.00 from NY area to Florida or $1100.00 for trips around 1000 miles. For more information see their website.

If you are driving yourself, see’s Guides to the U.S. and’s Highway Guides to Pet-Friendly accommodations.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I am desperately seeking knowledge about any dog-friendly North Seattle hotel options that may be available. Thanks ahead of time if anyone has a solution!

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