Do you want to put your pup’s schnoz to the test? spcaLA has classes.

Do you want to put your pup’s schnoz to the test?

spcaLA is proud to announce Fun Nose Work classes enrolling in Los Angeles!
You and your pooch could be learning the beginnings of scent detection. Fun Nose Work is a chance for your dog to be a dog and use his strongest sense: his sense of smell! The primary goal is to have fun while game playing and hunting.

To sign up & for more info, visit them online or call (562)570-4910.
Fun Nose Work is great for:

Dogs who don’t have much experience with toys.
Newly adopted dogs.
Dogs who don’t do well in classes with other dogs.
Dogs who enjoy individual attention.
Dogs whose noses get them into trouble.
Dogs who need a boost of confidence.

Fun Nose Work: Introduction (Los Angeles) is held at 5026 W Jefferson Blvd in Los Angeles, just east of Culver City. Exit La Brea South off the 10 Freeway and take a left at Jefferson.

Live outside the area, or looking for a different type of training? spcaLA also offers classes in Woodland Hills, Long Beach and the South Bay. Join today.

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