Recently Turned Dog-Friendly – Chattanooga TN

Rock City Gardens Chattanooga TN

Rock City Gardens Chattanooga TN

Chattanooga is located on the Tennessee River up against Lookout Mountain and just across from the Georgia State Line. The town was founded by the Cherokee Indians in 1815. It served as a ferry to cross the river in its early days. In 1838 the Cherokees were forced out of the area along the “Trail of Tears”. The original ferry site is at the modern day Ross Landing in town. The city of population 150,000 was the home base of the 1940s band “Cattanooga Choo Choo” and hosts an impressive selection of greenways, parks and tourist attractions. Chattanooga is a success story on the dog-friendly front as well. Most downtown areas, including bridge walkways, the greenway along the river and dining were, as recently as five years ago off-limits to our four legged friends. The city worked to improve this situation, and Chattanooga now is one of the most dog-friendly cities of its size in the nation.


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