Orlando – Mennello Museum offers new memberships — for pets

Polly wanna Picasso? Can Mittens see the Monet?
Orlando’s Mennello Museum of American Art is offering memberships for pets — the first museum in the state to do so. The new program kicks off with a “Yappy Hour” on Friday.
No one actually expects those with fur or feathers to appreciate the museum’s artworks, such as its famed collection of Earl Cunningham paintings. In fact, the animals won’t be visiting the museum’s indoor gallery.
“But if we can get their parents interested … ” said Shannon Fitzgerald, executive director of the Loch Haven Park institution north of downtown. “We hope maybe by hanging out and learning what we do here that they’ll come back.”

Museums are always looking for ways to develop new audiences, she said. Attracting pet lovers was an obvious choice.
“Look at our grounds,” exclaimed Fitzgerald. “We are surrounded by a dog-friendly park. I have the privilege of looking out my window, and there they are — playing fetch.”

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