Tips on traveling in the car with pets

While it’s mostly fun to have pets, it can be hard for owners to know how to keep their furry animals safe during a road trip.
Jessica Evans, communications and marketing coordinator for the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society in Harbor Springs, gave some tips to the News-Review about how to keep pets safe while traveling.
“If you’re going to take your dogs on vacation, try to make them part of the fun,” Evans said. “Try to include them in the activities because it’s not going to be any fun for them if they are stuck in a hotel room or tent.”

Proper identification needed

Evans said it’s important for the animal to have external tags with the owner’s phone number. The pet should also have a microchip, which is put underneath the pet’s skin.
If your pet is microchipped, any pet clinic or humane society can scan the animal and get the owner’s information.
However, people should make sure the microchip information is up to date before leaving on a trip because it’s harder to reunite an animal if the address or phone number is outdated, Evans said.

Acclimate pets with short trips

Some animals are not accustomed to being in a car. So if you’re planning on a long journey, it will make it easier on the owner and pet to start with smaller trips in town before the vacation.

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