When We Can Venture Out Again – DogFriendly.com’s Tips on Social Distancing With Your Dogs

A Dog Lover’s Guide to the COVID Stay At Home Orders

DogFriendly.com (https://www.dogfriendly.com) has spent over 20 years helping people find places to which to take their dogs. From hotels to attractions, restaurants to beaches, shopping, dog parks, RV parks, city and state parks, hikes and more DogFriendly.com  has searched for places to take your dog where they would also be welcome. Now, oddly, it is we that are banned from places even more so than our four legged friends. Whereas people could go everywhere we were limited where we could take our pets. My, how things are different now.

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Your dog is probably happy that you are home so much more! More playtime, more snacks and, if your area permits it, maybe plenty of walks. Dogs during this time need to stay on leashes more than ever as they can create more human to human contact. By visiting with other dogs your dog will bring you close to the other dog guardians and visa versa. Also, although there is no evidence of dogs catching coronavirus they are certainly capable of bringing it back to you on their fur.  As states are opening up most of us are or will shortly be able to walk our dogs on leash.

Dogs have been known to participate in business meetings on Zoom, school classes over the Internet and even live broadcasts by the news media from their living room. Some dogs are becoming famous in their own circles in this way. I myself have heard barking during my kids classes and on news reports.

Dog Parks in most states have been closed for the initial shutdown stages but some are now opening up with phase one openings. Check your local regulations.  Parks in some cities and states have been closed too but with proper social distancing many have remained open. Again, dogs should remain on leash when in parks and well controlled in dog parks. Some people who require limited risk of infection should pick the slower times to walk their dog or go to the neighborhood dog park.

With takeout food the norm at restaurants your pup may have felt the playing field even up. Whereas you have been allowed to dine in restaurants, Fido has not been allowed to, restricted to the outdoor seating areas which have now also been closed to their human companions. Your dog will love take out food where you find the nearest picnic bench, your house deck or your living room and enjoy dinner with them. As restaurants open up we will likely want to eat outdoors more in an area more accessible to our furry buddies.

Traveling in an RV or tent camping is good for your dog and likely good for avoiding Corona-virus for people. Unlike a hotel room, where you don’t know who stayed there the night before and have lots of doorknobs to touch you bring your lodging with you when camping. And you can bring your dog. Social distancing is easier as well. What’s not to like there? Maybe mosquitos.

“Of course, we have never seen a situation such as this in our lifetimes.” says Len Kain, President and Editor in Chief of DogFriendly.com. “Never have so many places been closed to us and our dogs. To your dog, there is some good and some bad about the current situation. As things open up more dog-friendly places will too”.

After 9/11 we saw a big uptick in traveling with your family and your dogs. People traveled by car for a while more than planes. They stayed closer to home and wanted to keep the whole family together. It is likely we will see a similar pattern as the country opens up from Covid-19. DogFriendly.com will continue to list places that, as things begin to open up, your dog can do with you. From hotels, cabins, RV parks, parks, dog parks, outdoor restaurants, hiking trails, shopping, transportation and more hopefully we will resume something closer to normal soon.

DOGFRIENDLY.COM’S FREE 176 PAGE EBOOK! How and where to take your dog by the experts in how to bring your dog everywhere.
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