Tips for helping pets adjust to a new home

Family pets also have a difficult time during a move, feeling out of place as their familiar surroundings are packed away piece by piece. Arriving at their new home causes just as much uncertainty as they are introduced to a new yard and have to locate a new favorite lounging spot.

FlatRate Moving & Storage, a nation wide leader in moving and storage, offers these tips to help your dogs and cats have a smooth transition to their new homes.

Comfort Your Pets – Animals are great at sensing when you are feeling stressed or uncertain. Building up to and during a move, your calm and familiar voice will help to reassure them that everything is going to be okay.
Have Something Special – Rewarding your dog our cat with their favorite treat or toy when first introduced to their new surroundings will help them relax and feel at home.
Keep Them Occupied – Keeping animals out of the way of the movers will ensure both the pets and movers safety, while also allowing the movers to be more efficient. Plus with territorial animals like dogs, keeping them occupied will burn their energy so when they return to an empty house they are too tired to fuss.
Use an Animal Carrier – Cats are especially sensitive to new surroundings so transporting them in an animal carrier will help alleviate some of their anxieties. When you get to your new home, simply set the carrier down, open the door, and let the cat’s natural curiosity do the rest.
Place Familiar Things in Familiar Spots –Putting their bed, feeding dishes, kitty litters, etc. in locations similar to their old home, helps familiarize your pet with their new place.

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