Hartz Looking for More Shelters to Receive Donations

Calling all animal lovers. ‘Tis the season to help out a furry friend in need by nominating your favorite local animal shelters to receive Hartz pet supplies.

The Hartz Mountain Corporation, a leading U.S. pet supplies company, has generously agreed to donate $3 million worth of Hartz pet supplies to animal shelters in the U.S. and Canada. $2 million has already been donated, but they need your help finding more shelters that will benefit from the additional $1 million worth of Hartz pet supplies.

The economic downturn has had a profound effect on the financial welfare of families, many of whom have been forced to surrender their beloved pets to shelters. However, those same shelters report that donations are down by as much as 30%. The Hartz Shelter Program, which offers a range of pet supplies such as dog biscuits and bones, meat treats, and rawhide, etc., will help shelters feed and care for abandoned animals and enable at-risk families to keep their pets safe at home.

Consumers who know of a shelter that has a need and the capacity for 2,000 pet supply products can nominate them by emailing hartzshelterheroes@hartz.com. Emails should include both contact information for the “Hero Sponsor” and the shelter’s name, address and telephone number. Hartz will contact them both about next steps for the donation.

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