Travelin’ Jack, New Mexico’s Bulldog Reporter

Travelin’ Jackreports on ‘traveling with your pet around the state’…pet friendly destinations and pet travel tips with your dog from his perspective. Each week Jack explores a different pet friendly destination and activity in New Mexico. The segments will include destination tips on topics from pet-friendly hotels to outdoor adventure spots for the traveling pet.

The concept of “Jack’s Tracks” was developed by the Cliff Dweller Productions team as a new and unique segment for their travel show, Travel Guide New Mexico”. Pet travel around the U.S. is increasing dramatically as travelers choose to bring their pet with them on trips. This segment is designed to inform these pet traveling groups about ‘PET FRIENDLY NEW MEXICO’.

Jack, a rescued Olde English Bulldogge, was adopted by his owner, Jill Lane, from the Pueblo CO Animal Shelter. As a sideline adjunct on his travelogue-dog-blog, he also espouses the benefits of pet adoption from shelters and rescue organizations.

The “Jack’s Tracks” segment on pet travel augments Jack’s online travelogue-dog-blog, which also focuses on his travel adventures around New Mexico. The travelogue can be accessed through the blog site or through the television show’s website.

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