St Augustine: For a Really Dog-Friendly Florida Vacation

By Jodi Kain

St. Augustine is a beautiful little historic town in Florida. It has Dog-Friendly beaches,parks,attractions,outdoor restaurants,and much more. A very good Dog-Friendly restaurant that I recommend for you and your dog is the Florida Cracker Cafe. Next door to the cafe is a chocolate shop called “Savannah’s Sweets”. Dogs are not allowed inside but you can bring out your purchases. Another Pet-Friendly restaurant in St. Augustine is Tony’s Pizza. Leashed, well mannered dogs are allowed at the outdoor tables. A very good dog-friendly carriage service in St. Augustine is St. Augustine Transfer Company. We have taken our dog on this carriage tour before, and we have had a great time. They have daytime tours and evening ghost tours.

Another somewhat dog-friendly attraction in St. Augustine is the “St. Augustine Lighthouse”. We went there with our dog. Dogs are allowed on the grounds, which have numerous walking trails,but they are not allowed up the lighthouse or any of the other buildings. However, climbing the 200 plus steps to the top of the lighthouse could really be hazardous to a dog (they don’t even let younger children up) because the railing is high and there is a risk of falling. Another dog-friendly attraction in St. Augustine is The St. Augustine Scenic Cruise. If you choose to sit on the 2nd floor of the tour boat,which is all open, hold on to your belongs because it can be very windy up there. Down on the first floor of the boat there is a gift shop/snack bar that sells souvenirs, chips, chocolate bars, candy, and much more. Walk with your dog throughout the 400 year old “Old Town” and in the park surrounding the huge fort. Finally, take in the dog-friendly and world-famous Fountain of Youth for a real pet-friendly and educational experience. In 2009, named St. Augustine it’s 4th most dog-friendly tourist destination in the United States. For more information on St. Augustine’s beaches, parks, attractions, outdoor restaurants, accommodations, campgrounds and much more go to’s St Augustine City Guide.

St. Augustine Scenic Cruise

St. Augustine Scenic Cruise

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  1. Susan says:

    I wish more places around Florida were dog friendly however, it is owners that don’t properly look after their pets that caused many places to not allow them.

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