Stop the Tug of War: The HALTI head collar

Yanking. Jerking. Pulling. Who’s walking who? For many dog owners, it’s a constant struggle to keep their pets under control. But now it’s time to end the tug of war… the HALTI is here!

Dr. Roger Mugford, the United Kingdom’s renowned animal psychologist, believes that going for a walk should be fun and safe for both the dog and the owner. Dogs who pull on their leads are less likely to be walked if the experience isn’t enjoyable for the owner. So they’re likely to receive less exercise, which can lead to more destructive behavior. In addition, the tugging action subjects the animal’s delicate throat and neck to unnecessary pressure. This can make walks painful and scary for the pup rather than a means of strengthening your relationship.

Dr. Mugford invented the HALTI head collar to provide maximum steering efficiency for dog walkers. The HALTI is the first-ever canine headcollar. Since its invention, it has become a major tool for dog training and an industry standard. Resembling a horse halter, the HALTI actually pulls the dog’s head toward the owner as soon as the dog pulls the leash. Its innovative design instantly stops the dog from pulling. In addition, the HALTI is lightweight, easy to fit and comfortable. No metal parts come in contact with the dog’s skin and the point of steering is away from the eyes. Made from durable webbing, the head collar also features a neoprene padded inner liner for additional comfort.

Here are two of the biggest reasons why the HALTI is so popular:

Peaceful Walks: An easy way to stop dogs for pulling. The HALTI is ideal for larger and more excitable dogs to train proper manners when walking.

Training Aid: Handlers can gently direct the dog’s head, steering him into desired positions which can then be rewarded and linked to a command associated with that posture, for example “SIT.” The position can also be linked to an associated command.

“Since its creation, the HALTI head collar has been approved by veterinarians and trainers worldwide,” said Dr. Mugford. “It is also recognized as the product that established the headcollar lead category. I’m sure that American pet owners will be just as pleased with the results when they try it for walking or training their dog.”

The HALTI head collar is available in six sizes and four colors of red, blue, brown and black.

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  1. Carol Scarfe says:

    I would just like to say I have just bought a Halti for my 2 year old Border Collie. He has been pulling and yanking from the day I got him, with no let up at all. Eventually it had a bad effect on my back and shoulder.
    I put the Halti on him and said ‘walkies’ when he started to shake his head at the feel of it. He soon forgot about it then, and we both had the best walk EVER. It was an instant success. I did’nt need to pull him back at all. He did that himself as soon as he felt it. Thankyou. it’s a miracle!

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