Southwest Airlines Now Allows Small Pets For the First Time

Southwest Airlines has begun allowing a small dog or cat in a carrier on flights for the first time. The dog or cat, in the carrier, must fit under the seat and will count as the carry on bag for that passenger.  Southwest Airlines will continue to not allow larger animals into the cargo section.

There is a $75 each way fee to bring your small dog or cat. This will give people with small enough pets another option for in-cabin service. No major airline yet has in-cabin service for larger dogs and we don’t recommend placing a dog in cargo unless it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, in our minds, no major carrier has a viable travel solution for any dog greater than about 15 pounds. Over 75% of all dogs are too big to fly under a plane seat. Pet-friendly charters, or shared charters, are an available but very expensive option in most cases.

For information about Southwest Airlines new policy and other airlines pet policies you can see the airline policies for pets at this link.

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