Animal Advocate walks 2,000 miles for Canine Cancer Research

Today it was announced that Megan Blake (, pet-lifestyle coach and host of the PBS show Animal Attractions TV along with Super Smiley, the spokes dog for Throw Away dogs (, have joined passionate animal advocate Luke Robinson and his two Great Pyrenees dogs on their 2 Dogs 2000 Miles ( walk across the U.S. from Austin, Texas, to Boston, Massachusetts, to raise awareness and money for canine cancer research.

Luke’s heroic trek was inspired by the death of his beloved dog Malcolm to metastatic bone cancer in 2006. The heart-wrenching loss changed his life forever and precipitated immediate action. In 2008, Luke sold his truck, packed his belongings and hit to road to share his story with America. Today Luke and “the boys” have been on the road for approximately two years.

“I’m honored that Megan took time out of her life in California and all the wonderful things that she does for animal rights to come join Hudson, Murphy and myself this week walking. It’s going to be an amazing adventure and we’re going to have a ton of fun,” stated Luke Robinson.

Megan and Super Smiley will join them on the last leg of their trip in the Baltimore, New Haven and Connecticut areas between April 11 and April 18. Megan and Super Smiley will also rejoin the team on June 18 for the closing ceremonies in Boston.

Megan is a passionate animal lover, rescuer, spokesperson and long-time supporter of Luke’s cause. She knows that one in four dogs will die of canine cancer and that it’s the leading cause of death in dogs over age two. As a result, Luke’s walk remains close to her heart.

“Smiley and I are so honored that Luke, Hudson and Murphy invited us to join their 2 Dogs 2000 Miles walk to raise awareness for canine cancer,” stated Megan Blake. “Smiley is excited that he gets to speak for Throw Away dogs along the way. Life is an adventure and this is one of the great ones! Pawsome!”

Super Smiley on the other hand has launched his own Happy Campaign which is part of a larger initiative to raise awareness around animal adoption and rescue. He aims to support his canine friends not only through his work as the spokes dog for Throw Away dogs, but also by walking paw by paw for Luke’s great cause.

“Having lost two dogs to cancer myself, this cause is very near and dear to me. I plan to continue doing whatever I can to support Luke,” added Megan Blake.

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