Announces its Top 10 Dog-Friendly Cities in the United States for 2010

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PLACERVILLE, California — May 17, 2010 — ( released its 2010 list of the Top 10 dog-friendly destination cities in the United States. The rankings are based on the quality of dog-friendly accommodations, transportation, beaches, parks, attractions, stores, dining and other things to do with your dog.

1. San Diego – The best dog beaches anywhere. Boutique hotels. Many trails and parks to hike and great weather year-round for outdoor dining.
2. Portland (OR)- Enjoy the famous rose gardens and the parks. Have food and drink at the Lucky Lab. This town is dog-friendly inside and out.
3. Austin – Dine in outdoor cafes. Visit the Zilker Botanical Gardens and take a walking or carriage tour. Enjoy many off-leash parks.
4. Northern Virginia – Visit outdoor monuments in Virginia and Washington, take a cruise just for dogs and dine or go to yappy hour in dog-friendly Old Town Alexandria.
5. San Francisco – Many off-leash beaches and areas. Shop and dine in many parts of town. Ride the cable car, walk the Golden Gate.
6. Boston – Tour Boston by boat or take the subway. Follow the Freedom Trail and visit nearby historic sites. Stay at many pet-friendly hotels.
7. Orlando – Glamorous pet-friendly resorts. Boat tour, shop Winter Park or Celebration. Dine at Sam Snead’s. Attend concerts in Lake Eola Park.
8. Salt Lake City – View downtown from Ensign Peak. Ride the Temple Square Carriages and walk the downtown area. Visit an amusement park and many historical parks.
9. Charleston (SC) – Visit the beach or a number of plantations. Take a ghost tour or an eco tour.
10. New York – Great luxury hotels, famous shopping and outdoor dining. Watch a morning show, enjoy Central Park on leash and off.

Honorable Mentions: Anchorage, Chicago, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, San Antonio

74 Responses to “ Announces its Top 10 Dog-Friendly Cities in the United States for 2010”

  1. Griffin says:

    Uhm, where’s Seattle? I moved to Seattle, among other reasons, because it would be the best fit for my dogs.

  2. […] a doubt, Alexandria, Virginia is crazy about dogs. It was even named one of the dog-friendliest cities in the country. So when Old Town Alexandria combines their St. Patrick’s Day parade with an event for dogs, […]

  3. Dana Sutton says:

    Living in Austin, I agree it is the most pet friend city I have been to. Concerned citizens got the City Council to pass an ordinance making all outdoor restaurant patios open to pets (at restaurant owners discretion). Very few, if any said they wouldn’t allow pets, as they would lose business.

    I wish other cities would push for this! I would like to relocate at some point, and I am disappointed that I can’t take my dog to patios in most other cities.

  4. […] being that Austin is the #3 pet friendly city (I believe behind San Diego and Portland) the HOA allows up to three pets! Wood floors make it pet […]

  5. I would love to see a few more locations that have dog friendly places. Like Arizona

  6. Treatment says:

    I am also interested in the list for Canada

  7. […] But one of the nicest unintended treasures of living here is the fact there is a very large pet loving contingent here. There’s no shortage of dog parks dotting the county. We have at least 4 public beaches that allow dogs. There are hundreds of rescue volunteers and people willing to go to the mat to help a pet in need. There’s a reason we are 2010′s most dog-friendly city. […]

  8. LizzieL says:

    Charleston definitely deserves its slot on this list! Walking through downtown, you will see water bowls placed periodically down King Street for visiting dogs. Some of the stores even keep treats. I remember being shocked in a trendy furniture store to see a dog grazing about. There are a ton of dog parks around the area. 12+ off-leash dog parks. 15+ on-leash parks. Not to mention the beach!

  9. Lou says:

    What a wonderful list. My family with two dogs just returned from our weekend in Carmel. It was absolutely wonderful! I thought San Diego and Lake Tahoe were very dog friendly, but Carmel is the most dog friendly place that we have visited hands down!!!! It was wonderful that were were able to take our dogs with us everywhere downtown, including many shops and restaurants, as well as to the beach. We loved it! Thanks!

  10. Ann says:

    I am very surprised North Conway NH was not mentioned. Although not technically a city, it’s the most dog friendly place I’ve been to in New England. You can even take your dog shopping and they leave dog bowls with water outside many of the stores.

  11. It’s true, anyone who live at Seattle and has a dog would agree it is not only deserving of being on the list it should be number one. I’ve been there for a couple of months.

  12. Sylvia Thompson says:

    Why did Seattle drop off the list? Its been on before and I think anyone who lives here and has a dog would agree it is not only deserving of being on the list it should be number one or two. I have lived in four of the other cities currently on the list as dog-friendly, and yes, they are, but they don’t come remotely close to the crazy dog-friendlyness of Seattle – Tacoma – Olympia area.

  13. Martha Hack says:

    I am suprised Chicago only made honorable mention! As a pet friendly realtor in Chicago, I guess we have some work to do! We do have great dog beaches such as Montrose along our lakefront! Also, we have many more pet friendly rentals then we use to! When it comes to our animal laws, we all need to step it up nationwide! While Austin may have been voted one of the top Dog Friendly Cities in the nation-they still use the gas chamber to put dogs down in Texas among many other poor policies! These horrific policies should be taken into consideration before receiving such an honor!

  14. Ellen Freed says:

    San Francisco has to include the Bay Area to the north (Marin County), south (San Mateo County) and the East Bay (Alameda & Contra Costa Counties). The Pacific Coast beaches are drop-dead gorgeous and many allow dogs to run off-leash. The East Bay has 100,000 acres of beautiful and wild parklands and allows dogs off-leash in most of them, one is even designed just for dogs. SF also has Companion Dog laws and outdoor cafes/restaurants/markets and many non-food stores allow you to bring your dog. SF has a population of 750,000 people and 120,000 dogs (more dogs than children)!

  15. david miller says:

    I’m also surprised that Boston made the list. we used to live there and didn’t find it dog-friendly at all. If you are coming to Europe, Helsinki is very dog friendly we even have a doggie park at the end of our street.

  16. Michelle Rae says:

    I am so bummed my home town is not listed! Maybe a reason to move?

  17. Leonora says:

    It would be really nice if most places are dog-friendly. Dogs have proven their worth as man’s best friend so we should be friendly to them as well. What about Canada and Los Angeles? Did they not hit the list?

  18. Tony says:

    ‘Orlando – Glamorous pet-friendly resorts. Boat tour, shop Winter Park or Celebration. Dine at Sam Snead’s. Attend concerts in Lake Eola Park.’

    That is pet friendly place indeed and good way to go to get your ex back especially if your ex loves dogs. Is that weather good all year?

  19. Austin is pretty dog friendly for TX. I still remember the time I spent in England though. They were really dog friendly — restaurants, pubs, stores. You could bring your leashed dog in with you. But, interestingly, you couldn’t bring babies in strollers. Just another difference between the two cultures, I guess.

    Tracey Madsen
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  20. Don says:

    @ BAR (May 19 comment)

    I agree that Hawaii is one of the most friendly doggy places on the map. Not too long ago, the quarantine period was 6 months, which many animals (and owners) simply couldn’t endure.

    Because of the extra hardship imposed on resident owners who wish to take their pets with them to the mainland (and simply won’t because of the quarantine upon return)… numerous doggy care centers have opened to board your dog with considerable loving care.

  21. I too would love to see a list for canada. This is interesting though

  22. Having lived in New York City for over a decade, the Manhattan borough is by far the friendliest dog city I’ve ever lived in! Central Park is a great place for pet dogs.

  23. It’s interesting how the best dog friendly cities correlate to the best walking and outdoor cities. I love San Diego and Portland because of the beaches and many parks/trails. These are perfect places for walking a dog. Not to mention you can enjoy the outdoors year-around. Thnaks for publishing this list.

  24. Jeanette says:

    I have a friend who lives in Portland and there are tons of things they do up there with their dogs. I think there is even a 5K race that you can do with your dog.

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