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You recommend places directly to fellow travelers with dogs. would like to hear from you – and so would your fellow dog owners who love to take their dogs with them. If you know of a pet-friendly restaurant (specify indoor or outdoor seating for people with dogs), Attractions such as pet-friendly boat tour, bus tour, walking tour, museum, park, beaches, shopping centers or stores or any other pet-friendly place please let us know by commenting this entry. Please remember to specify the country and city and as much information as you can to identify the location along with your description. For our Worldwide Travel Guides see our pet-friendly worldwide travel guides. Entries from visitors to dog-friendly places or owners or employees of places may submit recommendations.

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  1. Dave says:

    Dogs are welcome at the Jack The Ripper walking tour by Ripping Yarns in London. You can check their website for more info about the walk.

  2. says:

    From a reader:

    Living in UK presently with my Aussie dog who is allowed on buses and trains (and on ferries and cruise boats in the Lake District). She loves it and is no bother, just curls up in any little bit of available floor space. Many fellow passengers fuss over and enjoy her! Unfortunately, the Eurostar train does not allow pets although there is an active (as yet unsuccessful) lobbying group.

    Cafes in the Lake District, UK will often invite you to bring your dog into the cafe rather than tie them up outside.

    Balmoral Castle in Scotland allows dogs (not inside though!).

    Cambria Shores Inn, Cambria, CA and the Best Western Cavalier in San Simeon, CA both get 10 stars for their dog-friendly hotels!

    I find that folks who bother to travel with dogs do tend to be responsible owners of well-behaved dogs. Pity that more businesses and public transit agencies refuse to consider this!

    Fantastic website, thanks!!!

  3. Reaz Abul says:

    Wish to have a vacation with your pet in Europe ?
    need help ??Here we are !!!

  4. I would like to know of dog friendly parks in london.

  5. In Sydney the best places to go are out west, such as the Blue Mountains. There is a reserve very close to the foot of the mountains called Murinbingee Reserve, and it’s a great place to let the dogs run around.

  6. Calories says:

    I’m in sydney Australia. Does anyone know any dog friendly places around here? (only just moved to town!)

  7. If travelling to ireland you and your dog are welcome in to stay in Lough Key House5*B&B in Boyle Co. Roscommon

  8. Dog lover says:

    we are soon leaving to live in Andulcia Spain for a month driving from the Uk with our three dogs. we plan to travel south to France and then onto Valencia before reaching our house in Southern Spain.

    Does anyone know of dog friendly places to stay en route? any ideas greatly appreciated!

  9. Hi, do you have travel guides available? I notice it mentioned above but cant find a link to them…

    I’d be interested in posting a guest review or perhaps some travel tips etc.

    Thanks, Tom

  10. Paris is a perfect city to visit in the autumn. Its not to warm or to cold, its just beautiful. I like visiting all the cafe.

  11. I would like to know of dog friendly parks in Paris.

  12. Teen says:

    do you have any opinions on traveling to the UK with a large dog (Husky)? I assume some Airlines would allow a crated dog to fly with owner at extra price

  13. mls mn says:

    I want to travel with my baby sporty, can anybody recommend the best place to travel with your dog?

  14. Boots says:

    Dog friendly B&B in Italy Villa I Due Padroni with excellent walking possibilities

  15. Boots says:

    Dog friendly B&B in the beautiful Oltrepo Pavese area, Lombardy Italy with excellent walking possibilities for boss & dog.

  16. DJ says:

    Just got back from Prague, Czech Republic and wanted to share my thoughts about traveling with our dog. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to another country that seemed so dog-friendly. Dogs on the trams, metro, in carry pouches, dogs waiting patiently outside stores for their owners. I was really impressed. Our apartment rental was also dog friendly. It wasn’t even an issue when we emailed to do the booking. There was no charge – the owner had two dogs of his own and well, they were just used to it.

    We were able to take our dog, Skippy, with us to see all the attractions as well. Sure, there were limits where he could go, but I thought overall Prague was much more relaxed about us having a dog than many other cities.

    If you’re curious we stayed here:

  17. admin0 says:

    From the a report from Pelasance in Edinburgh, UK:

    Sarah Adams and Leisa Rea’s flyer for their drily funny musical comedy at the Pleasance Dome says “pets welcome”. A fan asked if she could bring Flora – “She’s a real character, but she’s only got three legs” – and the duo readily said yes, secretly hoping it would be a cute puppy or kitten, but they were worried she might be upset by the loud music. “No, she’ll be fine with that,” came the reply. “She’s in an urn.”

  18. Leila Coe says:

    We moved to Amsterdam a few years ago and did a lot of traveling with our dog(s) while there. We also flew numerous times between the U.S. and Europe with our pet. He is 18 lbs but is too tall to fit under the seat so travels in the air-conditioned/pressurized area of the plane (KLM is a good choice for a pet-friendly airline). I maintain a pet travel website where I will be adding more articles regarding traveling with our dog in Europe. So far, I have these trip reviews published:
    Amsterdam –
    Barcelona –

    I’ll be adding trip reports of Switzerland, Poland and Croatia soon. I also have other pet travel information and trip reviews posted already.
    Hope you enjoy!
    Thank you

  19. Claire Jaeger says:

    Hi Kirk,

    It is a terrible idea to put your dog, especially a husky, in cargo. The temperature fluctuates while the plane is on the runway and it can get overheated quickly. Please do some research on flying your best friend in the cargo hold and you will realize how dangerous it can be.

  20. says:

    This from Hotel Barge Holidays in France.

    Some of our boats can indeed accommodate passengers with a dog, and several captains/owners have their own dog on board…so we can easily recommend some vessels that are “pet friendly”.

    Our web site offers information on a wide selection of all-inclusive vacations to suit every age and taste.

  21. We accept pets in our campsite and in our wood cabins. We are in Spain, near Valencia.

    If you want to camp with your tent or your caravan:
    Our campsite is the only one arround of the land of Castellón with the distinction of a quality mark “Q”.
    We are situated between two natural parks.
    We accept CAMPING CHEQUES and we are open all the year.

    WINTER’S OFFER for 2 people, car, caravan or tent and electricity:

    During the months of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December.

    7 nights = 11 € per night
    15 nights = 10 € per night
    30 nights = 9 € per night


    6 to 7 nigths = 5 camping cheques
    11 to 14 nigths = 9 camping cheques
    19 to 22 nigths = 14 camping cheques
    26 to 30 nigths = 18 camping cheques

    It is a 5 stars campsite situated in Navajas, a village in the middle of Valencia’s region. It deals with rural tourism as we are located in the natural park of Sierra de Espadán, also known as Alto Palancia. The geographical situation is at the most for the following reasons:
    – 20 km far from the Mediterranean sea
    – 60 km far from Valencia, and Castellón, 90 km far from Teruel, all of them are the capitals of their area
    – 450 m above the sea level which means a most pleasant climate
    – excellent road links, road to Teruel (take Navajas in the km 35) free access to the highway A23
    – railway station at about 500 m far from the campsite

    Navajas is a typical village of Valencia’s country, it is famous for its many natural springs, waterfalls, its river and its lake. We are very lucky to have the Via Verde Ojos Negros, the biggest route in Spain with 65 km.

    The campsite is open all the year, it is quiet and away from the summer crowd of Valencia’s seaside and provides a panoramic view on the valley and the mountains. The village is at 5 minutes by feet, Segorbe town is at 2 km.

  22. Kirk Maurer says:

    Hey Lili, If you are from U.S. – I would be interested in your experience and advise in getting a large pooch over to Europe (UK primarily) – I want to vacation with my “Best Friend” – he is a Siberean Husky – and a lot of fun

  23. Lili says:

    If you go in Perigord pourpre, Monbazillac or Saint Emilion, you must visit this house where yours animals are welcomed for very low costs and with a lot of advantages (organics fruits and wine, DVD and books about animals…) !

  24. Lili says:

    We tried it last year with our dogs. It’s a wonderfull guest house for dogs and their family in Perigord-Dordogne and with very attractive prices. “Located between St Emilion and Monbazillac, in a wooded private domain, you will discover a quiet preserved surrounding and a great variety of landscapes and cultural attractions. Angelière is open all year long. It has been recently renovated in the purpose of offering its guests privacy and quietness. You can stay for a week end (145 euros), one week (from 200 euros) or more if affinity. When respectful of the environment, cats, dogs and other pets are welcomed. “

  25. Kirk Maurer says:

    do you have any opinions on traveling to the UK with a large dog (Husky)? I assume some Airlines would allow a crated dog to fly with owner at extra price

  26. Jodi says:

    Dogs are allowed on leash on these boat tours on the Seine through the historic center of Paris. They leave from next to the Pont-Neuf Bridge and give you unforgettable river views of the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame and more.
    Bateaux Les Vedettes du Pont-Neuf
    Square du Vert Galant
    75001 Paris
    Tel: 33 (0) 1 46 33 98 38

  27. Jodi says:

    Most (but not all) United Kingdom trains allow leashed or crated dogs. Muzzles are not required nor does the dog need a ticket.

    08457 11 41 41

  28. says:

    Dogs are allowed on the Norfolkline ferries between Dover (UK) and Dunkerque (FR). There is no charge from the UK to France for animals but a e37.50 charge for animals entering the UK.

    you will need to see a Vet on the Continent no less than 24 hours and no more than 48 hours before your departure to the UK. You must, of course, comply with the UK Pet Passport Scheme.

    Pet Passport Scheme website:

    Norfolkline Dover-Dunkerque Ferries
    +44 (0)844 8475 007

  29. Jodi says:

    London, England:

    Dogs are allowed on many of the walking tours by London Walks and Jack the Ripper Walks . They are allowed on tours that do not go into buildings such as Westminster Abbey or the British Museum. You can contact them at phone: 020 7624 3978 and at their websites at:

  30. says:

    This is a link to a blog from a couple from California who moved to Europe with their black lab. This blog covers their adventures traveling around Europe with Cozmo, their lab:

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