Opie and Dixie Launches New Line of Organic, Sustainable Pet Care Products

For four-legged family members who deserve the best, Opie & Dixie is where it’s at. And today, the creator of all-natural, eco-friendly pet products announces a new line of holistics: shampoos, scrubs, treatments and supplements that harness the power of organics to care for pets from the inside out. Created with love by a devoted dog owner and animal rescue advocate, the new line of Opie & Dixie products offers complete and all-natural care for pets — from wet nose to wagging tail.

With treatments for ears, coat and skin, as well as nutritional supplements for immune system support and optimal health, Opie & Dixie’s new holistic line is designed to offer pets the same conscientious care that owners would want for themselves. The new line includes:

• Organic Ear Wash made with spring water, peppermint, and eucalyptus.

• Oatmeal Almond Shampoo for silky coats and skin health.

• Unscented Kitty Shampoo with gentle rosemary, lavender, and rosehip extracts.

• Rosehips Dry Shampoo and Conditioning Mist for waterless washing.

• Gentle Puppy Shampoo: Soothing and mild for a puppy’s delicate coat.

• Botanical Créme Rinse and Condtioner for hydrating skin and coat.

• Healing Paw Balm for restoring, healing and hydrating paw pads.

Each product incorporates herbs, oils, and essential nutrients and was designed with the input of veterinarians and nutrition experts to promote optimum health, from shiny coats to clean ears to healthy immune systems. With naturally fragrant ingredients like rosemary, peppermint and lavender, Opie & Dixie products leave pets smelling sweet and clean without the harsh chemical fragrances that can injure delicate noses.

Born in the kitchen of Debbie Guardian, a devoted pet owner who wanted to create natural, high-quality supplements for her dogs (after whom the company is aptly named), the Opie & Dixie line of holistic treatments still follow their creator’s original rule: No product contains any ingredient that she wouldn’t use herself. With the passion, quality control, and personalized attention to all details, Opie & Dixie has grown to be much more than shampoos and supplements; a percentage of all retail sales go to a local dog rescue organization, and Debbie tirelessly maintains a blog and website offering educational information about nutrition, healthcare and other wellness issues. Continuing to share knowledge with other pet owners is essential to the identity of a brand that was born not from a business model, but out of Debbie’s love for her own furry family members.

Says Debbie, “Opie and Dixie has always been about achieving optimum health for pets; that’s what I wanted for my own dogs, and that’s where it started. From the original supplements to the new holistic line, our products are about caring for our pets and making sure that they live the healthiest, longest lives possible.”

Opie & Dixie’s new all natural line makes environmental friendliness its top priority, creating products that are organic, eco-friendly and sustainable. From the ingredients to the non-BPA packaging to product labels that are printed on recycled paper and made with a 100% wind-powered manufacturing process, the brand is dedicated every effort to care for the earth in the same way that it cares for pets.

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