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  1. Beccah says:


    Just thought I’d let you know that there’s a dog-friendly eco-tourism company that runs bus trips into Baja on their school bus, called Baja Trek. I’ve taken my border collie on board a few times now, to the hot springs and Pacific coast beaches. They are super friendly! Accommodation is mainly camping but sometimes hostels. Dogs are welcome on pretty much any trip except for the Cantina crawl, I believe.

  2. Nick says:

    If you are thinking of going to Mexico or Baja California and would like to experience different areas with your pet than I can suggest

    They offer a very pet friendly budget treks to numerous beaches, mountains and hot springs in their vegetable oil powered beach bus.

    Dogs especially love the desolate beaches and the wide open spaces. Have fun 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    The most pet unfriendly city in Mexico has to be San Luie Potosi. We went to a hotel that was listed as being pet friendly (the Maria Delores), asked at the desk when we checked in if it was OK to have our little Bichon, after settling in to our room the manager called to tell us we had to leave as dogs were not allowed. We went up and down the entire hotel strip and could not find a single hotel, even down to the rent by the hour places. Finally a person at the Marriot called around. We ended up at The Westin, very luxurious, they were very gracious about the dog and even offered to provide a bed for her. Only about $100 more than we planned to spend.

  4. Joyce says:

    I have been looking for info on shipping two puppies to Mexico City. I need to know where to get a health certificate international packet.The puppies will be almost 6 months.

  5. admin0 says:

    This is from a reader who wrote in:

    Just back from a short vacation in Mexico – landed in Cancun
    airport. I went through a great deal of research and have a Vet who
    has someone on staff who specializes in international pet
    requirements, so I feel I really did my homework and was good to go!
    HOWEVER, when we arrived in Cancun, we found the Dept. of Agriculture
    had REQUIREMENTS for entry that we were not aware of. I met two
    other people at our destination (both of whom live part time in
    Mexico) and they had encountered the same issue on their most recent

    I brought back the printed document they provided me and am sharing
    this information with as many sources as possible, hoping that other
    people will not go through what we did.

    This is what it says:

    If the pet is under 3 months of age, it requires a Health Certificate
    If the pet is older than 3 months of age, it requires a Health
    Certificate and Vaccination card, specifying the application of
    rabies vaccine with a validity no longer than 1 year. These
    documents must be presented in original and copy.

    It is very important to assure that the couments match with your pet
    data (age, breed, color, sec., etc.) and in this way avoid problems
    in the procedure of entering Mexico.

    The HEALTH CERTIFICATE must be showed in headed paper with the
    printed Professional License or Photocopy of the medical Veterinary
    License who issues the certificate. WITH THE DATE no older than 5
    DAYS, including the health status of the pet and that it HAS BEEN
    to your trip and that it is free from any internal and external

    Your pet will be physically reviewed by Official Personnal from
    Agriculture and Livestock Production Health from SAGARPA, and if
    coming from a country with presence of foot and mouth disease or from
    zones in risk, a prophylactic treatment will be given toyour pet,
    free of charge.

    The import of one or two pets is free. No animal bedding or similar
    products is allowed.

    Now, we had had my dog’s health and vaccination records with us which
    stated that the vet had supplied external parasite medication. The
    Health certificate, however, did not specifically state that she was
    “free from parasites”. And, the inspector wanted not only that on
    the certificate, but also the specific medication given – eg,
    Frontline. It was a real hangup and we spent an hour in customs
    before we were able to move on, with a finger wagging from them and a
    warning for ‘next time’.

    I had even called the Mexican consulate here in Boston before I left
    to see if I had done everything I was supposed to do, and they never
    mentioned any of this. SO _ make sure the parasite thing is
    addressed in addition to RABIES – very, very important.

    Another item you may want to mention to your readers is that, while
    in Mexico, take care not to let your dog come in contact with the
    many, many native dogs there. In Mexico, the incidence of rabies is
    10x what it is in the States. The dogs can be very friendly, as they
    are starved for affection and so uncared for. It is heartbreaking,
    but you don’t want to risk your own dog’s health by letting them
    play together.

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