Posts Tagged ‘airline’ Releases Its 2013 Report Card for The Pet Travel Industry – Progress Was Made But There Is Still Work To Do

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Pet-friendly Hotels, Dining and Air Travel make big strides while Intercity Trains and Buses continue to fail the pet traveling public. (, a publisher of dog travel guides, announced that it has graded the United States pet travel industry. And how did they do? That depends. Improving were hotels, restaurants, air travel, camping and shopping. Continuing to miserably fail are intercity trains and buses, which don’t allow pets at all. “The overall conclusion is that the United States has a ways to go to be as pet-friendly as Europe for traveling dogs and their human companions” said Len Kain, Editor of

Lodging: A – Pet-friendly hotels available almost everywhere. B&Bs and Vacation Rentals are also available. Some hotels have special pet programs.

Campgrounds: B+ – Most campgrounds allow dogs, but there are restrictions. There have been improvements in pet access to state parks.

Airlines: B- The big problem remains – most dogs must fly in cargo. For smaller dogs, airports have pet relief areas and overall easier travel.

Nationwide Trains/Buses: F – What can we say? No dogs are allowed on Amtrak or Greyhound. Not even small dogs in carriers. In Europe, leashed dogs of all sizes are allowed on trains. This must change.

Local Transit: C+ – Small dogs allowed on many city public transit systems; Large dogs allowed on a few. In most cities it is possible but sometimes tricky to get cab service with a larger dog.

Parks: B+ – Many parks have eased restrictions on dogs. The exception is the National Parks. State parks are much better. Some city parks remain too restrictive.

Off-Leash Parks: B+ – There are over a thousand off-leash parks and most are open to visiting dogs; some require local permits and fees which makes it difficult for travelers.

Beaches: C+ – Most beaches don’t allow dogs. You can find a dog-friendly beach in most areas, but you have to look.

Restaurants: B – For the most part, the debate about dogs at outdoor patios is over and dogs are allowed. Many states and cities have clarified this recently. In Europe, a restaurant can allow dogs inside. Why not here?

Shopping: B- – Most open-air shopping centers allow dogs as do many stores. Indoor malls usually don’t. Can this change?

Attractions: B- – Some outdoor attractions allow dogs; most indoor ones do not. There are many things to do with a dog if you look carefully.

Pet Sitters: B – High end hotels often offer pet sitting. There are also doggy day care and day kennel facilities. Or you can call a pet sitter in the area you’re visiting.

Since 1998, has been providing information for people who travel with dogs world-wide.The company offers complete travel guides for thousands of cities. Find the dog-friendly guides on the web at, as a free iPhone app or Android app, a mobile website at and in ebook and paperbook formats.

Please Tell Us: Which Airlines Are Pet-Friendliest?

Thursday, April 4th, 2013 tracks Pet Policies regarding air travel. For Domestic U.S Travel, the pet policies are listed here. For International Airlines, policies are listed here. The rules for entering various countries with pets are listed here. These policies all change often so please let us know of any changes. If you have a little dog or a cat (up to 15 pounds or about 6 kg) you may be able to take them in the cabin with you. If your dog is bigger than that, it would have to be in a crate in cargo. Many of the newer planes have better designed cargo holds so that pets can be kept in an area separate from the checked bags and which is attached to the same pressurized areas as the people’s cabin. However, there are still concerns since nobody can look in on them in flight and there are varying levels of service during loading and unloading as well as delays.

We would like to hear from you – please comment in the blog about which airlines you like for traveling with your pet? And why. Let us know good or bad experiences. This will help others choose which airlines to fly and which to avoid. Also, which airports are pet-friendly and which are not.

Jet Blue Offers “Unlimited Pet Passes” for Small Pets

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Jet Blue offers a $299 Unlimited Pet Pass from Sept 5 through Dec 31 for small pets that will fit into their cabin in their carriers. Typically, this restricts a dog to about 15 pounds. Normally, the pet fee is $100 each way for a pet, so if you plan more than 3 segments during this time, it may be worth it to buy the pass. For more information see this Jet Blue Link. For an additional story on this pet pass see this link. For’s airline pet travel information, see this link.