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Please Tell Us: Which Airlines Are Pet-Friendliest?

Thursday, April 4th, 2013 tracks Pet Policies regarding air travel. For Domestic U.S Travel, the pet policies are listed here. For International Airlines, policies are listed here. The rules for entering various countries with pets are listed here. These policies all change often so please let us know of any changes. If you have a little dog or a cat (up to 15 pounds or about 6 kg) you may be able to take them in the cabin with you. If your dog is bigger than that, it would have to be in a crate in cargo. Many of the newer planes have better designed cargo holds so that pets can be kept in an area separate from the checked bags and which is attached to the same pressurized areas as the people’s cabin. However, there are still concerns since nobody can look in on them in flight and there are varying levels of service during loading and unloading as well as delays.

We would like to hear from you – please comment in the blog about which airlines you like for traveling with your pet? And why. Let us know good or bad experiences. This will help others choose which airlines to fly and which to avoid. Also, which airports are pet-friendly and which are not.