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Book Review: Willing Dogs & Reluctant Masters

Friday, October 19th, 2012

With the help of Kestra (above) and Aktis, Gary Borjesson explores what it means to be friends—real friends—with a dog, and how that relationship can illumi­nate and inform the other friendships in our lives.

“We can learn much about friendship by examining our relationships with dogs, partly because of what we have in common with them, partly because of what we do not. Our differences put friendship and its terms in strik­ing re­lief. The resulting perspective is especially valu­able given how easy it is for dogs, friendship, and other familiar as­pects of our experience to escape our no­tice.” — from the Preface

“Willing Dogs & Reluctant Masters” will delight dog own­ers as they recognize themselves and their dogs in Gary Borjesson’s account of human-canine relations. It will en­courage all readers to wonder anew about how friend­ships enrich our lives.