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Need to Take a Pet to the Caribbean? Try Air Propel.

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

These are high cost charter flights, not scheduled airliners. But you can take your dog with you in the cabin.

Would you like to travel with pets right next to you? PetPropel makes flying with cat or flying with dogs a simple task.

AirPropel believes your pet is special. That is why your private flight can include flying with pets in cabin with you. You can travel with dogs while reassuring them all the way. Oh and by the way, ask us to recommend pet friendly restaurants?
We understand the loving bond between pets and their owners. That is why PETPROPEL will do everything possible to offer an enjoyable flight for all souls onboard.

It is important to consider medical/health certificates, temperature, entry into foreign countries, and breed/pet temperament.
Before traveling with your pet, schedule an appointment with a veterinarian. Let them know of your travel plans and ask for a health certificate that should be granted within ten days of departure.

Because of extreme weather conditions, the time of year you plan to travel can be important. Your pet will travel with you inside the temperature-controlled cabin of your chartered aircraft, yet temperatures at your destination may be temporarily shocking for humans and pets. Consider extreme differences from frigid snow country to balmy, humid southern islands. Your pet will be exposed to different insects in different climates and your veterinarian should be consulted.

Foreign countries have varying requirements for pet entry. Check first and request necessary document forms. Airpropel’s staff can help with obtaining these forms and all information you may need for entry.

The breed of your pet along with your pet’s temperament is also a consideration. Pug nose pets may have breathing concerns. Temperature and pressure control in the cabin, especially at high altitudes, will make flying with these types of pets safer. Knowing your pet’s temperament may help decide if your pet should be in a secured kennel, an opened kennel, or on a leash in the airplane. Airpropel will make sure your pet feels safe, secure and comfortable.

If the pet is traveling alone, an Airpropel representative will be happy to meet your pet at the airport and see him/her on their way. When required, a representative can accompany your pet to its destination and receiving caretaker.


Top 200 Places: Jekyll Island Beaches

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Jekyll Island Beaches and Trails
off SR 520
Jekyll Island,

These beaches look like a Caribbean island setting. It is hard to believe that you just drove here over a causeway. Dogs on leash are welcome year round on the beach and the paved and dirt trails. There are about 10 miles of beaches and 20 miles of inland paved and dirt trails. It is recommended that your pooch stay on the paved trails instead of the dirt trails during the warm summer months because there are too many ticks along the dirt trails. On warmer days you might choose a beach walk rather than the inland trails anyway because of the cooler ocean breezes.

Top 200 Places, with tens of thousands of places listed to take your dog to, will be releasing on it’s Dog News blog, Facebook page and on Twitter a list of 200 Top Places that you can take your dog in the U.S. and Canada. This list, while intended to highlight top places that are especially pet-friendly, is not designed to be the absolutely top 200 places that we could find, but a sampling of the top places so that all regions, types of attractions, hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, parks, beaches, shopping and more can be considered. No doubt each of you will find many other places not on this list or our full list of dog-friendly places at Please let us know about them by commenting on the blog or emailing us at You can also let us and our readers know if you agree or disagree with the selections, or your experiences there. Please keep in mind that places often change their policies regarding dogs and thus may have different policies at any time in the future.

The blog entries can be found at, our Facebook page, or Twitter.