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Oppose Florida Bill HB 243 – A Trojan Horse to ban dogs from retail

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Florida is proposing a 2020 bill (HB 243) that Dog Lovers need to seriously take a look at and oppose.

While claiming to ban dogs from the “Inside” portions of restaurants – where dogs have been banned by law for many decades – this bill would not be needed for that. The current doggy dining laws opens up only outdoor areas of restaurants for dogs and only those where the dog doesn’t have to walk inside the restaurant to get to the outdoor section. So this new bill is entirely unnecessary regarding restaurants.

So why the bill? The wording (Places of Business’s are listed as well as restaurants) appears to go way beyond restaurants and include retail of all kinds. This includes malls – many Florida malls allow and are frequented by dogs that are carried or in carriers or on leash. Stores – such as Home Improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot and all other stores that dogs may be allowed into by the stores owners. Pet Stores may not even be able to allow dogs…

The bill also contains a requirement to set up a location where people can report any business violating this law… So that it will be easy for a single individual to file complaints where ever they see a dog.

This bill seems to be a Trojan Horse – using restaurants as its cover but targeting dogs everywhere. It has no purpose for restaurants – but would establish a ban on dogs in retail.

At the very least it is unnecessary. At the worst it is awful. It should go nowhere…

Text of Bill –

Arlington VA To Allow Dogs At Outdoor Restaurants

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Good news for Arlington dog owners: the city’s health department now lets restaurants apply for a variance to allow dogs in outdoor dining areas.

This comes just months after the public health department reminded restaurants that non-service animals weren’t allowed in any dining areas, ARLnow points out. At the time, Arlington County Department of Human Services spokesman Kurt Larrick said that “[t]he presence of animals would create a risk of people getting sick due to fecal contamination.”

The policy reversal comes as D.C. gears up for warmer weather and outdoor dining season. For more on the story click here.’s Guide To Pet-Friendly Restaurants’s Guide to Arlington, Alexandria and Northern Virginia

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Honolulu

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

From Honolulu Magazine: Pet owners may be accustomed to taking their pets to stores and on certain beaches, but what about dining with your pup? Health codes, for the most part, require animals to stay outdoors, but some eateries are more pet friendly than others. Here are a few you’ll be happy visiting with your dog. Heads up: be a helpful owner by bringing your own doggy dish for water and treats for good behavior.
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