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The Problem with the Ontario Pit Bull Law: It should be Repealed

Monday, May 27th, 2013

More about the Pit Bull Law in Ontario has been opposed to the Ontario Pit Bull Law as cruel and unreasonable since before it passed. Unfortunately, 8 years later the law is still on the books and being enforced. This is the most draconian dog law at a state or provincial level in North America. We want to see it repealed. Because of this law, passed in 2005, has a warning on every Ontario Page on it’s website. This is the only state or province with such a warning. This law is clearly hurting tourism to Ontario and Toronto in particular. It is bad PR for the province. Dog bites are not down since this law passed. And it is not making them safer, just crueler.

The latest story about the ramifications of this law is about a Major League Baseball Player who was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays. Because one of his dogs is a pit bull mix, his wife and kids will have to live in the U.S. away from him in order to keep their dog. Previous issues have included the confiscation of many dogs, many of our readers having to travel south to the U.S. to drive between eastern and western Canada to avoid driving their pit bulls through Ontario and many people unable to visit Niagara Falls, Toronto or Ottawa. Many dog events in the province have been moved elsewhere or reduced in scope since no pit bull mixes or pits are allowed.

Read the article on All Pet News. It highlights this very bad law.

More about this law is at’s link.