Dog Friendly in Homer, Alaska


Homer Alaska is a beautiful little seaside town in big and beautiful Alaska. It is as far as you can drive in North America heading northwest. You can stay at the Best Western Bidarka Inn or the Buluga Lake Lodge or choose from multiple B&Bs. Bishops beach and the beach along the Homer Spit allow dogs on or off leash. Homer has dog-friendly restaurants, boat and airplane rides, and much more. A very good dog-friendly outdoor restaurant that I would recommend that you take your dog to when visiting Homer is "The Sourdough Express". The Sourdough Express started in a little green van, selling baked goods all over Alaska. The business grew and grew. Today, The Sourdough Express is a pet-friendly restaurant, also featuring a sandbox with a bunch of toys for kids. The Sourdough Express also displays the original Sourdough Express van out in the front. There is also a airplane business that takes you to Anchorage, or from Anchorage to Homer. There are also scenic airplane tours over Homer. They take you on tours over the glaciers and more. The name of this airline is "Smokey Bay Air". Another dog-friendly attraction is "The Homer Spit". If you drive out almost to the end of the Spit, there are several tourist shops including souvenir shops, fishing charters, coffee shops, ice cream shops and much more. Try the dog-friendly Boardwalk Fish and Chips restaurant. The Homer Spit also has a big boat marina for boats. Dogs are only allowed outside of most stores but some stores will allow a leashed dog inside. Also, there is a dog-friendly boat tour. The place where you can sign up to go on the boat tour is located on the Homer Spit. It is called "Mako's Water Taxis", and we enjoyed our boat tour! Our dog enjoyed it, too.

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