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Why Does My Dog Shake?

You may have seen your dog shake like how humans tremble when they’re cold. This behavior can seem worrying, especially if the tremors persist for...
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Alaskan Highway Dog Friendly Travel Guide

Ever wanted to travel to a different country without leaving your car? Thanks to the legendary Alaskan-Canadian Highway (ALCAN), this is possible. Plus, you can...
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Obesity in Dogs: How to Help Your Pup Lose Weight

Fewer things are more adorable than a soft, squishy dog tummy. But how soft and squishy is too weak and squishy? Excess fat, while cute...
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Am I Ready For A Dog? Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting

Picture this: you’re sitting on your couch after work, relaxing after a long day. It’s quiet, and a bit lonely, and you think to yourself,...
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Should I Microchip My Dog?

You might have heard a recommendation that you should microchip your dog. But what does that even mean? What does a microchip do? Does it...
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Detection Dogs: How Do They Do It?

When walking through an airport you might have seen a dog walking along side a police officer or airport official. Or, if you’re like me,...
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Dog Allergies: Everything You Need To Know

You or someone you know has suffered from allergies at least once. Whether they carry an epi-pen or just get a slight sniffle in springtime,...
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Can Dogs Eat Lime?

As a dog parent, you’ve probably wondered, “what foods are safe for my dog?”. Luckily, many human foods are safe in moderation for dogs, and...
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Best Snuffle Mats For Dogs (Updated 2022)

Have you ever noticed how often your dog uses their nose? On a walk, you’ll probably see Fido with his head down and nose to...
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Destructive Chewing: Everything You Need To Know About This Messy Habit

While all dogs love to chew, this habit can wreak havoc on furniture, shoes, toys, and more if left unchecked. For dogs who enjoy tearing...